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On Duterte and the Philippines

The Shift of the Philippine Peso Regime

By Dan Steinbock In the Aquino era, the focus was on financial flows, which rested on a strong peso. In the Duterte era, it is...

Philippine Peso Stability Relies on Duterte’s Infrastructure Success

By Dan Steinbock                                       Recent concerns about peso’s depreciation have been exaggerated. In the most dangerous international environment since the postwar era, there...

Media Pundits, Economic Hitmen and Duterte’s Rebalancing

By Dan Steinbock President Duterte’s recalibration of Philippine foreign policy has the potential for greater stability in the region. But it has unleashed the wrath...

The Economic Costs of Corruption in Philippines

By Dan Steinbock                 The recent $200 million customs debacle may be just a tip of the iceberg. Due to illicit financial flows, Philippines has...

How to keep the Philippine economic future on track

By Dan Steinbock               The Philippines is on the right path, if the government can continue to balance between strong growth amid international uncertainty, while pushing...

Ease of Doing Business Act – the key to the Philippines’ economic comeback?

The Philippines has been vying for the ease of doing business act to be signed, and when it was on May 28, economists and...

How TIME’s Bremmer Got Duterte Wrong

By Dan Steinbock Today, global dominant media is often exploited as a tool of coercive diplomacy. The recent Time commentary on the Philippines president is...

The Flawed Story About Drugs and Human Rights in the Philippines

By Dr. Dan Steinbock For years, drugs and corruption thrived in the Philippines as policymakers engaged in external adventures ignoring domestic investment. The Duterte government...

The Economic Moral Hazards of the International Criminal Court – and the Philippines Withdrawal

By Dan Steinbock                                                  As the Philippines is withdrawing from the International Criminal Court, ICC is blaming the Duterte government. In reality, the withdrawal is...

The Philippine Dream Could Be Within the Reach

By Dan Steinbock   If the government’s focus remains on inclusive economic development, the Philippines could become a bright spot in the global landscape. Today, there...

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