Making or Breaking Finland’s Future: A Behind-the-façade Look at Finland After 2024 Election

By Dr Dan Steinbock Since June 2023, Finland has been led by the most far-right government of its postwar history. The past economic success is past. The...
Donald Trump

Donald Trump and the ‘Madman Theory’ of Foreign Policy

By Natasha Lindstaedt With Donald Trump now looking more and more likely to be the Republican nominee for November’s presidential election, the former president is...

The Theory of the End of History: Does it Have Any Positive or Normative...

By Guanghua Yu Hegel developed the theory of the end of history in The Philosophy of History. According to Hegel, history follows the logic of...
China global insights

Toward China’s Soft Rebound

By Dan Steinbock Last year, international observers charged China for global inflation, deflation and economic collapse. In reality, Chinese economy is inching toward a...

Palestine, Imperialism, and the Settler Colonial Project

By Dr. Kalim Siddiqui Do Israel's ongoing military actions in the territory of the Gaza Strip have parallels in classic colonial behaviour, including the apartheid...
DRC Election

The DRC Election: A Pivotal Moment for Faith Communities

By Nathalie Beasnael Standing strong against religious persecution on the African continent should be a moral imperative for the United States, particularly at this time...

Taiwan 2024 Election: Militarization or Development

By Dr. Dan Steinbock      Taiwan's elections loom just a few weeks away. Continued militarization would undermine past economic success. Taiwan is at its...
The Factor of Ukraine

Challenges for the Next Stage of Globalisation: The Factor of Ukraine

By Vasyl Yurchyshyn We argue that the fight of Ukraine for independence against Russian aggression is the principal event of the modern stage of globalisation. Ukraine...

Biden’s Middle East Trip Has Messages for Both Global and Domestic Audiences

By Allison M. Prasch U.S. President Joe Biden’s decision to travel to an active war zone and the scene of an unfolding humanitarian crisis spoke...

Often in Error but Still Seductive: Why We Can’t Quit Election Polls

By W. Joseph Campbell Their record is uneven. They misfired in one way or another in the past three presidential elections. And yet the prevalence of...

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