Close-up of human hand casting and inserting a vote and choosing and making a decision what he wants in polling box with Philippines flag blended in background

Philippine 2022 Election: Marcos Vs Robredo’s Proxy Campaign

By Dan Steinbock                      The Philippine presidential election is only days away. The highly popular president Duterte is likely to be succeeded by “Bongbong”...

The Unwarranted War: The avoidable war that will penalize severely Ukraine, Russia, the US...

By Dr Dan Steinbock To Russia and Ukraine, the crisis is an existential issue. To the US and NATO, it's a regime-change game. To Europe,...
Ukraine war

Ukraine War: The Dangers Following Russia’s Attack On The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

By Dr Ross Peel Following recent news of Russian shelling of Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine, which is the largest in Europe, there is...
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British Imperialism, Religion, and the Politics of ‘Divide and Rule’ in the Indian-Subcontinent

By Dr. Kalim Siddiqui I. Introduction Recently India’s Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi again brought the issues of India’s partition and tried to blame it on...
Britain’s Scramble Out of Kabul

Britain’s Scramble Out of Kabul; the Moral and Strategic Cost

By Professor Michael Clarke The process of western withdrawal from Afghanistan in August and the scenes at Kabul airport as western allies were ushered out of the...

Why the US Won’t Be Able to Shirk Moral Responsibility in Leaving Afghanistan

By Michael Blake The majority of the remaining American troops in Afghanistan were withdrawn recently, with the rest due to leave by the end of August...

Afghanistan & the American Imperial Project

By Dr. Jack Rasmus On August 16, 2021 President Biden addressed the nation to explain why the US military is pulling out of Afghanistan. To...

When “A Little Corruption” In Mexico Goes Too Far

By Duggan Flanakin “Corruption is not a disagreeable characteristic of the Mexican political system: it is the system.”Gabriel Zaid, La Economia Presidencial  “It is widely known,” Mexican journalist Ricardo Ravelo...
London Mayoral Election

London Mayoral Election: Who are the front-runners?

After being pushed back by a year last March, due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic ripping across the country, the London...

Flawed human information processing, magic pipers and our conscience

By Bernard Yeung Fierce competition between dominant countries leads to accusatory narratives, creating intense but dysfunctional crowd emotions. Flawed human behaviour allows a big gap...

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