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Smiling woman applying face cream sitting on bed

What’s More In The Bag For Kratom’s Skincare Range?

Kratom industry is moving on to enter every industry, from skincare to beverages. But, does it offer variety in these? Let us have a...
Happy African American doctor shaking hands with a couple after medical appointment at clinic.

3 Ways Northshore Clinic Benefits the Community

As of 26th April 2022, more than 80.9 million had contracted COVID-19, with 990,000 people succumbing to the disease. Considering the massive impact of...
Covid 19

6 Clear Signs And Symptoms Of Covid-19

The World Health Organization has recently declared the Covid-19 virus a pandemic. This means that the virus is spreading rapidly and has caused outbreaks...
Emotional Stress

How to Deal with Emotional Stress of Moving

Moving to a new house, neighbourhood, or nation is exciting. Most people look forward to leaving their former home and beginning over, mainly if...

5 Threats to Your Small Business to Avoid

Being a business owner is tough and you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. One of the most important ones is protecting...
Weight Training

Weight Training: A Guide for Beginners According to Atlanta Fitness Trainer David Reagan

By David Reagan You may be on a keep-fit program but haven't given as much attention to weight training as you give to aerobics. Yet...

How to Select Joggers that Match Your Personality?

Although joggers were initially designed to carry for sporty freaks or gym freaks today, it has grabbed a leading name in the fashion industry...
Young sportive woman training isolated on gradient studio background in neon light. athletic and graceful

A Guide to Building Lean Muscle for Women

Are you trying to become more active in the fitness world, but you're afraid you'll become too bulky for a woman if you pump...
job causing too much stress

Could Your Job Be Causing You Too Much Stress?

Could your job be the reason behind so much of your stress? If you have found yourself getting more stressed lately, then it could...
Unity in diversity

How We Should Talk about Racial Disparities 

By Natalie Spievack Many 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have emphasized the role of historical and contemporary discrimination in creating and perpetuating disparities between Black and...

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