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Strategies for the Changing World

Post-COVID-19 tourism recovery for Africa

Brand Africa: A Post-COVID-19 Tourism Conundrum

By Dr Tafadzwa Matiza This article explores the potential post-COVID-19 challenges for African tourism recovery. While considering the inherent retrospective and contemporary challenges facing the...

How Neuroscience Can Help Business Leaders

By Dr Lynda Shaw We know that our brain changes our behaviour and equally our behaviour changes our brain, so by taking charge of our...
Tourism Readiness

The Importance of Tourism Readiness

By Dan Fenton Travel and tourism accounts for 10.4 percent of the global GDP and is a cornerstone of the worldwide economy. It includes a...
education innovation

Adapting Education Innovations And Their ‘Knock-On Effects’ In The Time Of COVID 

By Brady Olsen In biology, adaptation is the process by which organisms fit themselves to a changing environment (think Darwin). In global development, it can...
woman in mask

The Socioeconomic Effects Of COVID-19 On Women 

By Maria Demertzis and Mia Hoffmann The pandemic has disproportionately affected women both professionally and at home. Although the gender gap in labour force participation...
The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Tadatoshi Akiba: “The Goal of The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is...

A conversation with the former mayor of Hiroshima on nuclear weapons By Joseph Mazur The city of Hiroshima will forever live in the memory...

The Outlook For The Global Economy

By Graham Vanbergen It really would be nice to think that Putin’s attack on Ukraine will be short-lived and the world begins its recovery from the...
Woman power and girl strength in business achievement, winning and career success with strong businesswoman leader in office raising fists with ambition looking forward to city building background

A Global View: 5 Essays from Around the World That Will Change The Way...

Society is made up of men and women. During the patriarchal period, men were seen as the leading members of a family and had...
China’s Role In External Debt Restructuring

What Will It Take: Defining China’s Role In External Debt Restructuring

By Danny Leipziger Engaging with one of the world’s largest creditors, China, is central to any effective action to deal with future external debt crises....

Be Very Careful About When and How to Pursue a Vertically Integrated Strategy

By Howard Yu The surging market capitalization of Tesla, Nio, and BYD demonstrates the reward of vertical integration—when it’s needed. But be careful. Its misapplication...

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