Migration Crisis

The Russia–Ukraine War and Japan – Challenges Now and in the Future

By Fumiaki Kubo Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a wake-up call to Japan. This is not just because Russia is Japan’s neighbour, but also because...
DBS Bank

How DBS Became the ‘World’s Best Bank’

By Dr Vinika D Rao and Robin Speculand The Singapore titan’s tech-charged quest to take the banking out of banking has paid off handsomely. The world’s...

The Efforts of the West to Tackle the Sustainability Issue are Like Polishing the...

Interview with Sasja Beslik, Chief Investment Officer at SDG Impact Japan Evaluation of a company’s performance in the sphere of ESG is particularly complicated when...

Comparing the East Asian and Latin American Countries: The Role of Agricultural Reforms in...

By Dr Kalim Siddiqui I. Introduction This article examines the reasons behind the successful economic development and industrialisation in East Asia, which began its modernisation process...
Flag of Taiwan

When people say the West should support Taiwan, what exactly do they mean?

By Professor Andrew MacLeod There is a growing antagonism towards China in Western commentary, provoked by its treatment of the Uighurs, Hong Kong and Taiwan,...

Japan Seeks to Join Five Eyes, in the Wake of the Invasion of Ukraine

By Craig Mark Despite being the core American ally in the Pacific since the Cold War, Japan has so far not been part of the...

Asian American Experiences of Racism During COVID-19

By Sumie Okazaki From  the earliest days of the COVID-19 global pandemic, there has been a surge of anti-Asian hostility directed toward Asian Americans, ranging...

Why India Chose a Path of ‘Proactive Neutrality’ on Ukraine

By Swaran Singh Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, India’s refusal to condemn Russia and maintain a neutral stance has sparked many debates at home...
Economic Recovery in Japan

Post-Covid Economic Recovery in Japan: How will Kishida Redefine Economic Policy and Reform?

By Dr Naohiro Yashiro Japan's economy has suffered significantly as a result of COVID-19, despite the small number of severe patients and deaths by OECD...
Bitcoin Price Fallchart

How Does Bitcoin Affect the Economy of Singapore?

Bitcoin has existed since 2009, and many individuals are still unsure how it operates. Bitcoin is decentralized digital money that is not subject to...

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