Electric Vehicles in India

Emerging Opportunity for Battery Swapping Model for Electric Vehicles in India

By Parveen Kumar and Anshika Singh Battery swapping is emerging as an efficient and alternative fast-refuelling option for electric vehicles (EV), especially for e-2Ws and...
India's uttar pradesh

India’s NGO Workers Put Their Lives on the Line to Fight Prostitution

By Katarzyna Rybarczyk In India’s Uttar Pradesh NGO workers put their safety on the line to fight child prostitution, end sex trafficking, and restore victims’ dignity.  Uttar...
ASEAN Mutual Recognition

The Relevance of ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangements in Human Resource Development

By John Paolo R. Rivera and Tereso S. Tullao, Jr. Globalisation compelled labour markets to integrate and converge towards common standards. Preparing professionals on this...
Vietnam Case Study

Differing Cultural Perceptions of High School Employment: A Vietnam Case Study

By David Nguyen In the United States, high school employment remains a significant source of work experience and income for secondary school students. However, high...

Financing Entrepreneurship in Small Island Developing States

By Fazeel Najeeb and Peter Rudge In June 2021, Abdulla Shahid, Foreign Minister of the Maldives, became President-elect of the 76th session of the United...
India Celebration

India Turns 75: Fast Facts About the Unusual Constitution Guiding the World’s Most Populous...

By Deepa Das Acevedo India will celebrate its 75th birthday on Aug. 15, 2022. Its independence from British colonial rule followed a complex process, including Partition: the...
Migration Crisis

The Russia–Ukraine War and Japan – Challenges Now and in the Future

By Fumiaki Kubo Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a wake-up call to Japan. This is not just because Russia is Japan’s neighbour, but also because...
DBS Bank

How DBS Became the ‘World’s Best Bank’

By Dr Vinika D Rao and Robin Speculand The Singapore titan’s tech-charged quest to take the banking out of banking has paid off handsomely. The world’s...

The Efforts of the West to Tackle the Sustainability Issue are Like Polishing the...

Interview with Sasja Beslik, Chief Investment Officer at SDG Impact Japan Evaluation of a company’s performance in the sphere of ESG is particularly complicated when...

Comparing the East Asian and Latin American Countries: The Role of Agricultural Reforms in...

By Dr Kalim Siddiqui I. Introduction This article examines the reasons behind the successful economic development and industrialisation in East Asia, which began its modernisation process...

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