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Special Report: How to Lead the Changing Japan

Empowering Your Leadership at the Pulse of Business in New York City

A Special Interview with Professor Paul Ingram, Faculty Director of the Advanced Management Programme at Columbia Business School Executive Education.

Say Hello to Japan’s New Generation Workers

By Alecsandra Tubiera The new generation – or mostly known as the millennial generation – is the current age of workers in Japan, innovating ideas...

Revolutionising Japan’s Businesses Through Women

By Alecsandra Tubiera   There will always be a call for more women in the workforce, and as times are changing, it is evident that women...

Japan’s politics is opening up to women, but don’t expect a feminist revolution yet

Three women have in recent months been appointed to politically powerful positions in Japan. But even as seeing women in positions of power becomes...

Why Workstyle Reform Just Might Work in Japan

By Ginka Toegel Ikigai– in Japanese it means, loosely, “what makes life worth living.”  If reforms by the Shinzō Abe government succeed, it may one day...

Japan in the Face of Breaking Into New Working Culture

By Alecsandra Tubiera  The land of the rising sun, Japan – in its entirety is often viewed as a place filled with extraordinary ideas and...

Toward Japan’s Economic End-Game

By Dan Steinbock As the spotlight has been on Japan's new Emperor Naruhito, the economy is coping with half a decade of Abenomics, monetary injections, huge...

How Finance is Shaping the Economies of China, Japan, and Korea

By Yung Chul Park, Hugh Patrick, and Larry Meissner In what ways, and to what degree, has the financial system mattered, and what roles has...

A Review of Abenomics: The Bold Plan to End Deflationary Recession in Japan

By Mitsuru Misawa In order to catalyse economic activity and pull Japan from its two-decade period of deflationary recession, new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has...



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