Nexus article

The Nexus Between the Central Bank of Kenya and Private Providers of Cryptocurrencies

By Dorothy Muthoka Cryptocurrencies ride on blockchain, a disruptive technology in the world. The Kenyan government has been lagging behind in recognising their growth and proliferation....
Mombasa Kenya

The Case For Raila Odinga As Kenya’s Next President

By Eleanor Legge-Bourke and Mario Pezzini Kenya, East Africa’s most stable country and largest economy, and Africa’s 6th largest, will choose its next President on August...
investment options

Investment Options For Expats In Dubai

As one of the world's largest economies, many people from all over the world have flocked to the UAE to establish their businesses and...

African Solidarity to Mitigate the Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Marisha Ramdeen What began as a health crisis became very much a socio-economic and political crisis for many African countries as a result of...

Controversies and Realities of Foreign Military Activity in Africa

By Theo Neethling Post-colonial foreign military activity on the African continent has always been a matter of controversy. In fact, foreign political involvement is often...

How Africa Can Respond to the Seismic Changes in the World: Lessons from History

By John J Stremlau Fundamental changes are taking place in the world: what are the implications for Africa? A generation ago, newly appointed Organisation of African...
Post-COVID-19 tourism recovery for Africa

Brand Africa: A Post-COVID-19 Tourism Conundrum

By Dr Tafadzwa Matiza This article explores the potential post-COVID-19 challenges for African tourism recovery. While considering the inherent retrospective and contemporary challenges facing the...
Crypto currency Bitcoin. Blue Background Digital Web Money Technology Banner With Copy Space. Vector Illustration

How Might Africa Lead The Globe In National Banking Electronic Cryptocurrencies Such As Bitcoin?

A variety of rapidly rising economies may be found in the African region. Some economists believe Africa could be the world leader in central...
Bitcoin BTC price soaring sky high hit new high record concept, businessman investor look high at rising up arrows from Bitcoin symbol with green chart and graph.

How Has Bitcoin Affected the Economy of Congo?

As you already know, Bitcoin is an exciting and new asset class, but it felt like a slow burner. After that first bump, there...

How Did African Migrants Utilize Bitcoin To Create Their Microeconomics?

Bitcoin has been a revelation for many refugees and displaced people worldwide, who have found a way to create their economy and financial system...

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