Cultural Economy

How International Trade Can Unlock the Potential of the Cultural Economy in Developing Countries

By Jen Snowball There is growing interest in the creative economy in emerging markets in terms of its impact on employment and economic growth, as...
Ukraine flag

Ukraine to Convene Crimea Platform Summit: Why Zelensky’s “Day of Triumph” Spells his Doom

Tomorrow begins the Crimea Platform international summit, which will be convened by Ukraine in the capital Kiev. It took more than a year for...

New Research Unveils the Astonishing Estimated Cost of Fraud in the UK

As a nation, the UK suffers immensely from fraudsters tricking us out of hard-earned cash. These criminals are constantly revisiting their tactics and abusing...

China and ESG: key considerations for responsible investors

By Shuntao Li China, as we set out in our previous blog, is playing an increasing role in global financial markets and, by extension, investor...

Afghanistan & the American Imperial Project

By Dr. Jack Rasmus On August 16, 2021 President Biden addressed the nation to explain why the US military is pulling out of Afghanistan. To...

Going To Dubai For A Business Trip? Here Is Some Helpful Advice

Dubai is a growing hotspot for travelers from all over the globe. It is also a solid economic hub with many business startups and...

16 Business Owners Share What They Think About The Economy in 2021

Last year was full of economic turnovers and a great challenge for business owners because of the pandemic. Is 2021 also a challenge for businesses...
China investment

Investing in China: stocks, bonds and portfolio considerations

By Shuntao Li China has become a hot topic among global investors in recent years, and this is not just because of the success...
Electric Company

All Powered Up: Tendering Electricity Companies in Finland

Electricity is one of the most important aspects of modern living today, and one could say that living only a few hours without it...
Online Casino

How to Play Online Casinos Safely?

We can do lots of things online: communicate, shop, enjoy digital content, learn, play games, etc. Yet everything we do carries certain risks, and...



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Forex Trading

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