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Metal Sourcing in Vietnam: Opportunities and Financial Challenges

Vietnam is a rising star in the global metal market, with a vibrant and diverse metal industry that offers a range of products and...
Ukraine Reconstruction Project:

Ukraine Reconstruction Project: Challenges and Opportunities for Foreign Businesses

By Deborah Ruff, Julia Kalinina Belcher, and Diana Danyshenko For foreign businesses interested in getting a piece of the pie that is the Ukraine Reconstruction...

Five Reasons Why Africa Is the Next Great Market for Mobile Payments

By Alexey Bogdanov Worldwide, the mobile payments sector is booming. In 2022, the global industry was valued at $2.3 trillion, and it is expected to grow...
Hospitality Trends

Hospitality Trends: How to Navigate the New Tourist Flow Patterns?

By Dr. Tatyana Tsukanova and Lionel Saul Change is inevitable, especially when we talk about tourism. Tastes change, as do external factors that force one...
challenges avoid exports vietnam

Financial Challenges to Avoid in Doing Exports Business from Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia, with a vibrant and diverse export sector. The country offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs...
investors and developer tourists

How to Make Your Destination Ready for Investors, Developers, and Tourists

By Bethanie DeRose and Dan Fenton Positioning your destination for success today requires a strong public-private-community collaboration that goes beyond feasibility studies and other theoretical...
foreign investor

Foreign Investment Control in France – A Practical Guide for Investors

By Olivia Lê Horovitz 1. What is the control of foreign investments in France? Foreign investment control is a system of prior authorization of certain...

Empowering your Business through Global Citizenship

It is well known that the economic climate has a direct impact on all types of businesses. From unemployment, to changes in consumer income,...
Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by Investment: What Countries Offer Best Conditions for Dual Citizenship?

Citizenship by investment is a method of becoming a legal citizen in a certain country by obtaining citizenship via making an investment or purchasing...

Beyond Stocks and Bonds: This Alternative Asset Could be Your Next $100k Investment

If you keep all of your retirement money in traditional assets like stocks and bonds, you could be leaving tons of money on the...

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