Controversies and Realities of Foreign Military Activity in Africa

By Theo Neethling Post-colonial foreign military activity on the African continent has always been a matter of controversy. In fact, foreign political involvement is often...

Why India Chose a Path of ‘Proactive Neutrality’ on Ukraine

By Swaran Singh Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, India’s refusal to condemn Russia and maintain a neutral stance has sparked many debates at home...

War, Genocide, Hundreds of Thousands of Killed Civilians, Famine, and No Water

We would like it to be just a terrible memory of the past, but unfortunately, these are the realities that take place in the...

Hope, Wisdom, Advocacy: An Interview With Toronto’s Deborah Morrish

Cicero wrote that all great achievements require “reflection, force of character and judgment.” Today’s world certainly needs more of those qualities. In her role as...
Close-up of human hand casting and inserting a vote and choosing and making a decision what he wants in polling box with Philippines flag blended in background

Philippine 2022 Election: Marcos Vs Robredo’s Proxy Campaign

By Dan Steinbock                      The Philippine presidential election is only days away. The highly popular president Duterte is likely to be succeeded by “Bongbong”...
EU Looks to Pile on More Sanctions on Russia

Business News: EU Looks to Pile on More Sanctions on Russia, Energy Ban Off...

The European Union (EU) is looking to introduce even more sanctions to the increasing list of punitive measures directed at Russia. On Monday, EU...
President Putin and the Russian Military

The Russian Federation, President Putin and the Russian Military are Financially Liable to Ukraine...

By Charles H. Camp, Kiran Nasir Gore and Lilia Chu The ongoing crisis prevents the Ukrainian public from accessing judicial remedies in Ukraine or Russia...

The Seeds of Ideology: Historical Immigration and Political Preferences in the United States

By Dr Paola Giuliano and Dr Marco Tabellini Recent immigration flows to Europe and the US are usually associated with heated political backlash. Yet, little...
Misinformation And How Higher Education Can Offer a Remedy

The Other Pandemic: Misinformation And How Higher Education Can Offer a Remedy

By Micah Sadigh As we traverse, oftentimes unsuspectingly, into the darkness of an untethered technology of sharing information – seductive, magical, and in one brief...
Unity in diversity

How We Should Talk about Racial Disparities 

By Natalie Spievack Many 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have emphasized the role of historical and contemporary discrimination in creating and perpetuating disparities between Black and...

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