The Unwarranted Ukraine Proxy War: A Year Later

By Dr Dan Steinbock To Russia and Ukraine, the crisis is an existential issue. To the US and NATO, it's a regime-change game. To Europe,...
ukraine refugees

Ukraine Recap: World Leaders Gather at Davos to Make the Case for More Military...

By Jonathan Este “We’re tired of fighting Putin with rubbish kit”. This recent headline in The Times was an eloquent expression of the feelings of a Ukrainian...
new zealand

Jacinda Ardern’s Resignation: Gender and the Toll of Strong, Compassionate Leadership

By Suze Wilson “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown”, wrote Shakespeare, way back in the 1500s. It’s not a new idea that top-level...

Tensions Over Trade in the Transatlantic Alliance

By Emil Bjerg, journalist and editor The relationship between two global giants, the EU and the US, was expected to get a healthy reset after...
holiday lets

Holiday Lets: How is the UK Hospitality Sector Evolving?

Beyond the usual lines for security and waiting for your bags after the flight, in many areas of the UK, we have been seeing...

November Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal's Golden Visa program offers a fast track to EU citizenship for non-EU citizens who invest in the country. Launched in 2012, the program...
Ukraine People

We Asked Ukrainians Living on the Front Lines What was an Acceptable Peace –...

By Gerard Toal and Karina Korostelina Ukraine’s recent counteroffensive success against Russian troops in the Kharkiv region has raised hopes that a larger rollback of occupying troops is at...
queen elizabeth

In 1953, ‘Queen-crazy’ American Women Looked to Elizabeth II as a Source of Inspiration...

By Arianne Chernock In the spring of 1953, women from across the United States traveled to Britain – for many, it was their first time...

To Meet Global Green Finance Needs, the EU and China Must Cooperate

By Christoph Nedopil and Mathias Lund Larsen The green transition of energy, transport, industry, urbanisation and agriculture requires a massive acceleration of global green investments...

The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining European Golden Visa Residency

As an investor, your life mainly revolves around conducting and expanding business in the easiest manner possible and grabbing every opportunity that comes your...

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