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US Dollar

The Bilateral Swap Agreements, Chinese Currency and the Demise of the US Dollar

By Dr. Kalim Siddiqui I. Introduction I examine here the role of China’s bilateral swap agreements (BSAs) and the internationalization of its currency Renminbi (RMB). A...
Blunting China’s Bid for Primacy

Blunting China’s Bid for Primacy

By Andrew Latham “There is little doubt then that the Western and Chinese foreign policy communities have come to see the “rising China” phenomenon in...

World of the Shipwrecked Leadership

By Prof. J. Scott Younger, OBE The Tokyo Olympic Games, just concluded, were a spectacular success and grateful thanks are owed to our Japanese hosts...
Evacuees board plane

Afghanistan: Western Powers Must Accept Defeat and Deal Realistically with the Taliban

By Sten Rynning The short version of events in Afghanistan is that Pakistan won and the international alliance led by the United States lost. Of...

Why the US Won’t Be Able to Shirk Moral Responsibility in Leaving Afghanistan

By Michael Blake The majority of the remaining American troops in Afghanistan were withdrawn recently, with the rest due to leave by the end of August...

The Study of International Political Economy

By Kalim Siddiqui I. Introduction The study of the international political economy refers to an interdisciplinary academic subject area of study that analyses economics, politics and...
China and EU

How China and EU can help with Asia’s Post-pandemic Recovery

By Huiyao (Henry) Wang The pandemic has cast a severe negative influence on the world economy. The Global Economic Outlook Report released by the Organization...
G7 and China flag

Focus on China? What Does the Carbis Bay G7 Summit Tell Us

By Chee Leong Lee With China up in the air, the recently concluded Carbis Bay G7 Summit has been marred by intensive reporting by international...
China and US

US’ strive to sustain its global role, China’s willingness to resist: Is conflict inevitable?

By Shraddha Bhandari   The US and some of its allies are drawing red lines for China’s conduct in the global arena – through internal...

Time for America to Modernize the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) – Time...

By Ivor Ichikowitz Picture this - The tarmac of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi in 2020, where the ground crew of Kenya Airways loads...
Solar Battery

Why to Use Solar Batteries?