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threat to ukraine

Ukraine War: Why Nato is Refusing to Enforce a No-Fly Zone

By Christoph Bluth In the pre-war discussions between the US and Russia, Joe Biden warned Russia about the consequences of aggression, but explicitly excluded...

Can Wealthy Nations Stop Buying Russian Oil?

By Amy Myers Jaffe One option the U.S. and other nations have for ratcheting up pressure on Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine...

Russian Sphere of Influence: What is it? What Could It Be?

By Timo Kivimäki The Russian demand of ending the expansion of NATO to its borders has raised debate in the international media and academia. These...
Nation States

Nation States Must Comply With Their Responsibility to Protect Ukraine Against the Russian Federation’s...

By Charles H. Camp, Kiran Nasir Gore and Lilia Chu The UN Charter, signed in 1945, reflects the international community’s collective transnationalist view that unilateral...
War in Ukraine

Five Essential Commodities That Will Be Hit By War In Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is threatening further disruption to already stretched supply chains. Ukraine and Russia may only account for a small proportion of the...
Reasons Why US May Want Russia to Invade Ukraine

10 Reasons Why US May Want Russia to Invade Ukraine

By Dr. Jack Rasmus In recent weeks both US and NATO have been stumbling toward confrontation with Russia over whether the Ukraine will be allowed...
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British Imperialism, Religion, and the Politics of ‘Divide and Rule’ in the Indian-Subcontinent

By Dr. Kalim Siddiqui I. Introduction Recently India’s Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi again brought the issues of India’s partition and tried to blame it on...
China-Europe Freight Train

Connectivity, Connectivity, Connectivity: Has the China-Europe Freight Train Become a Winning Run?

By Xiangming Chen In “China and Europe: Reconnecting across a New Silk Road” (Xiangming Chen and Julie Mardeusz ’16, The European Financial Review, February/March 2015),...

Philippine 2022 Election Amid Elevated US-China Tensions

By Dan Steinbock         Overshadowed by US-Sino friction and xenophobic rhetoric, the 2022 election campaigns are getting ugly. Old elites hope to derail...
central asia

Central Asia Prepares for Taliban Takeover

By Gavin Helf, Ph.D. and Barmak Pazhwak  As U.S. and NATO forces drew down their military presence in Afghanistan this Summer, the country’s northern neighbors witnessed Taliban fighters...

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