What to Know When Migrating to America in the Future

The Land of the Free. The Land of Opportunity. These are but some of the names that are given to the United States and which...
Estate Planning

The Difference Between Estate Planning and Will Planning

Nobody wants to think about the end of their life, but it is wise to know about inheritance tax to plan for the future and prepare...
Sole Trader

Sole Trader V’s Limited Company – Which one should you choose?

No matter how big, or small, a business must have a legal structure in order to trade. The majority of start-ups opt to either...

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Will You Lose Your Home?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidates your assets and absolves you of all debts, but you could lose your home in the process. These kinds of...
Medical Malpractice

How a Medical Malpractice Case Works

Every state in the U.S especially New York is populated with hospitals and clinics, these places consist of medical professionals who work day and...

Student Loan Forgiveness: Understanding Your Current Options For Paying Off Your Student Loans

The new administration is debating whether to forgive a portion of student loans for everyone or to expand the terms of current student loan...

Who Can be Held Liable in an Aviation Accident?

An aviation accident is like any other form of a traffic accident. Sometimes, nobody can be deemed to be responsible, but this is rare....
Company Voluntary Arrangements_featured Image

Company Voluntary Arrangements in the UK – Dodo or Phoenix?

By Edward Starling Company voluntary arrangements (CVAs) in the UK are a little like half-mast trousers. When they first came out, they were very popular...

How Poverty Affects Divorce

Marriage is a union that binds two people together so that ideally, none of the challenges of life are faced alone. Not only does...

Fantastic truths and where to find them: how do judges decide which witnesses to...

By Sarah Murray and Laura Beagrie It cannot have escaped anyone’s notice that Johnny Depp recently lost his libel claim against the publishers of The...