Comparing the East Asian and Latin American Countries: The Role of Agricultural Reforms in...

By Dr Kalim Siddiqui I. Introduction This article examines the reasons behind the successful economic development and industrialisation in East Asia, which began its modernisation process...

Brazil Will Be a Global Leader in Open Banking and Finance, Industry Experts Predict

An Open Banking Excellence Campfire shone a light on payment initiation in Brazil and addressed the topic of the country’s Open Banking ecosystem. Guests...
Canada Landscape

An Interview With CEO Mike McGahan: The Future of Canadian Real Estate

Mike McGahan is a CEO and realtor with more than 30 years of experience in the real estate business. He’s the President and CEO...
COVID-19: Are Emerging Markets Recovering?

COVID-19: Are Emerging Markets Recovering?

By Dr. Ronald Leven There is compelling evidence that the severity of COVID has had significant impact on equity performance in the Emerging Markets. But...

Top Startups in Mexico City to Watch in 2022

Mexico City is fast becoming the most active startup hub in the Spanish-speaking world. One of North America's most populous cities with more than...
Racial Disparity

How We Should Talk about Racial Disparities

By Natalie Spievack and Cameron Okeke Many 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have emphasized the role of historical and contemporary discrimination in creating and perpetuating disparities...

Mining Sector Critical to Driving COVID-19 Economic Recovery in Latin America with Collective Mining...

Mining is critical for economic growth in Latin America, providing foreign capital inflows, tax revenue, employment, and improving economic development. While the industry itself...
Ecuador’s New Government

Ecuador’s New Government Means Mining-Friendly Jurisdiction for Years to Come

Ecuador’s recent federal election was a positive one for the mining industry and bodes well for foreign mining companies looking to surface Ecuador’s copious...
Alpha Conde

Alpha Conde And Guinea’s Mission To Foster Economic Transformation And Incentivize Investment Opportunity For...

By Raoul Keddy The newly re-elected President of Guinea, Alpha Conde, has made it his mission to push the country to greater economic and societal heights....
Mexico Covid Risk

The Pandemic Has Made Mexico’s Gig Economy Even Riskier

By Rodolfo Aguirre Reveles In Mexico City, it is now increasingly common to see UberEats drivers also delivering packages for Amazon. Such scenes represent the...

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