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Capitalism in the 21st Century


Denise Coates Makes it to the Top 20 of Times Rich List

The Times has published their annual rich list. Not for the first time, the usual list of property developers, hedge fund managers and steel...

How Flawed Thinking Limits America’s National Industrial Strategy

By Robert D. Atkinson The United States is one of the only developed nations without a national industry competitiveness strategy. Some of this failure stems...

Behavioral Finance: It’s A Feature, Not a Bug [or] Let’s Stop Talking About Behavioral...

By Tim Maurer Personal finance is more personal than it is finance. Initially, this was something I discussed with advisors that drew universal, if not...

The Outlook For The Global Economy

By Graham Vanbergen It really would be nice to think that Putin’s attack on Ukraine will be short-lived and the world begins its recovery from the...
Bitcoin and Fiat -Currency

How Much Is Similar Bitcoin To Fiat Currency?

The country's national government is responsible for creating strict rules for the residents. The closure engagement of the Federal Reserve in the distribution of...

A Token Sale: Christie’s to Auction its First Blockchain-backed Digital-Only Artwork

By Denise Thwaites Since May 2007, US-based digital artist Mike Winkelmann (who goes by the name Beeple) has posted a new artwork online every day. He...
Language and Culture

REVIVALISTICS: Why Should We Invest Time and Money in Reclaiming ‘Dead’ Languages?

By Ghil‘ad Zuckermann This article introduces revivalistics, the new science behind language reclamation, revitalization and reinvigoration. It explores the various benefits of language revival. Revivalistics Revivalistics...

Racial Inequalities and the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Graziella Bertocchi and Arcangelo Dimico Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, evidence has been accumulating about its disproportionate impact on racial and ethnic...

Omicron Reveals the Fundamental Lack of Vision About the Future of Work

By Dr. Gleb Tsipursky We are sticking our heads into the sand of reality on Omicron, and the results may be catastrophic. Omicron is over 4...
Private Currencies

Private Currencies Finally Having Their Moment?

According to Investopedia, a private currency is issued by a private entity such as a corporate organization or a credit union. It is an...

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