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Capitalism in the 21st Century

Climate-induced terrorism

Climate-Induced Terrorism — the New Global Business Risk

By Matt Ince While countries around the world struggle to meet the manifold challenges posed by climate change, there are those who would use the...
Export vs Import-Substitution

Developmental Challenges: Export vs Import-Substitution Industrialisation in Developing Countries

By Kalim Siddiqui Does a developing economy get to choose between Export-led or Import-Substitution industrialisation or are there factors that make one more successful than...
Language and Culture

REVIVALISTICS: Why Should We Invest Time and Money in Reclaiming ‘Dead’ Languages?

By Ghil‘ad Zuckermann This article introduces revivalistics, the new science behind language reclamation, revitalization and reinvigoration. It explores the various benefits of language revival. Revivalistics Revivalistics...
Currencies in the Post-dollar Era

Toward BRICS Currencies in the Post-dollar Era

By Dr. Dan Steinbock In the BRICS Summit, a key item in the agenda was the further development of new and complementary reserve currencies...
De dollarisation

De-dollarisation, Currency Wars and the End of US Dollar Hegemony

By Kalim Siddiqui The US dollar has long been the dominant currency in international trade and financial markets. But Kalim Siddiqui argues that a process...

Five Ways the Metaverse Could Transform Government Over the Next Five Years – How...

By James Dunn The fusion of physical and virtual worlds has changed the way we work and live. Although the private sector has been fastest...

How Flawed Thinking Limits America’s National Industrial Strategy

By Robert D. Atkinson The United States is one of the only developed nations without a national industry competitiveness strategy. Some of this failure stems...

Behavioral Finance: It’s A Feature, Not a Bug [or] Let’s Stop Talking About Behavioral...

By Tim Maurer Personal finance is more personal than it is finance. Initially, this was something I discussed with advisors that drew universal, if not...
AI in Banking

Generative AI in Banking – Friend or Foe?

Artificial intelligence is all the rage. From large language models like ChatGPT to image generators like Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, and Midjourney, generative AI products...
embracing sustainability

Embracing Sustainability: Greening the Supply Chain in the United States

By Jerry Haar The drive towards green supply chain management in the US is halfway towards achieving success. Industry leaders have made sustainability a priority,...

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