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ukraine refugees

Ukraine Recap: World Leaders Gather at Davos to Make the Case...

By Jonathan Este “We’re tired of fighting Putin with rubbish kit”. This recent headline in The Times was an eloquent expression of the feelings of a Ukrainian...
Real Estate

How Remote Work is Affecting Real Estate Markets

By Susan Wachter Work from home (WFH) disrupted real estate markets globally during the pandemic and continues to do so. Geographic shifts in the use...
future of software

The Future of Software Asset Management in Business: Trends and Predictions

By Cosmas Mwirigi As 2022 winds down, we can't help but look at the changes in software asset management (SAM) with rose-tinted glasses. Admittedly,...

How can Frequent Password Reset Pose a Threat to your Business

By Yess Velázquez When you’re reading or listening to advise to prevent security risks, one of the most popular is the password change or reset...

PR and Marketing that’s Focused on the Financial Sector: Interview with...

Businesses operating in financial services are constrained by a complex fabric of regulatory frameworks. What are the implications for their PR and marketing activities?...

Mutually Beneficial Cooperation Portraits a Bright Future

The 2022 China-Japan University Science and Technology Innovation Forum (formerly the China-Japan University Exhibition and President's Forum) was successfully held. To mark the 50th anniversary...

British Pound vs US Dollar

At the beginning of 2023, analysts changed their forecasts about the long-term future of the US dollar against the other major currencies. But the...
Marketing -

These 4 Strategies Help Improve Marketing Productivity

A business must become productive to grow and adapt to present changes. For instance, the business's management department can make itself more effective through...
qatar world cup

World Cup 2022 – A Promise Fulfilled? Why Qatar’s Vision for...

By Duggan Flanakin The pyrotechnics have finally settled in Doha on what was a truly sensational and hard fought 2022 World Cup, the stadiums no...
How to Make Your Business Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Business Eco-Friendly

Reducing your negative environmental impact should be your top priority, whether you’re a small business owner or a corporate CEO. Going green supports not...
late payee

Coping With Late Payers: How SMEs Can Deal With Debtors Who...

Getting paid for your goods or services is an essential part of managing an SME, but it’s not always easy. Many small businesses have...
Learn To Play The Violin

Best Ways To Learn To Play The Violin In Singapore

In Singapore, there are various different ways in which you can learn the violin, and each one has its own pros and cons. What...

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