Remote Work

Solving the Trust Gap in Remote Work

By Dr. Gleb Tsipursky Why is it that despite advances in technology, the trust gap in remote work remains a challenging puzzle for many companies?...

What Makes a Genocide? How should we best understand the confounding...

By Joseph Mazur  A word best-describing intent to destroy a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group now swerves its definition to attack the victim. The...
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Revisiting the Japan’s Economic Stagnation

By Dr. Kalim Siddiqui Japan, once the quintessential global economic success story, experienced a dramatic slowdown in growth in the last years of the 20th...

The Future Role of the World Bank: Some Views on Strategy...

By Danny Leipziger It is more than 75 years since the World Bank was founded at Bretton Woods. Clearly, today's world is a different place,...


UAE and India Are Now the Best Places to Start a...

By Sreevas Sahasranamam and Aileen Ionescu-Somers The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the best place in the world to start a new business, according to...

Specialists are Out and Generalists are in for Enterprises Looking to...

By Jerry Temko In the current economic climate, enterprises are having to do more with less. As such employers are seeking talent that is able...
Gated Estates

Transition Spaces: Could Gated Estates Evolve into Solar Estates in Africa’s...

By Mark Akrofi This article discusses the idea that transition spaces are useful for understanding and facilitating sustainable energy transitions in Africa’s cities. Gated estates,...
Generative AI

The Disruption of Generative AI in Expert-Driven Media Platforms

By Dr. Gleb Tsipursky The rise of generative AI is reshaping the media landscape, as exemplified in the lawsuit by The New York Times against...

Could The Recent NatWest Headlines Have Been Avoided with Better Communications? 

By Alastair McCapra The recent NatWest headlines are a prime example of why the financial services sector cannot afford to ignore the importance of good...
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Walmart is Remodeling Stores in San Antonio

Walmart, a retail giant with a significant presence in San Antonio, Texas, has embarked on an ambitious initiative to remodel several of its stores...
Open Bible on a wooden board near the river.

Faith, Environment, and Finance: The Overlooked Nexus?

By Anisa Indah Pratiwi and Greget Kalla Buana Can religion make us better custodians of the environment? Can we dial back on environmental degradation by...

Latest CPI Report: The ‘Soft Landing’ Plane Is Still Circling

By Dr. Jack Rasmus For months the mainstream media and Washington Pols have been pushing the metaphor that the US economy is a plane on...
Donald Trump

Donald Trump and the ‘Madman Theory’ of Foreign Policy

By Natasha Lindstaedt With Donald Trump now looking more and more likely to be the Republican nominee for November’s presidential election, the former president is...
A person holding business card

The Cost of Cybercrime: Ripples Beyond the Balance Sheet

To live at the same time when technology is almost peaking means living in constant fear of the dangers that come with it. The majority...

Boosting Customer Engagement for Personal Trainers

In the dynamic realm of personal training, where competition is fierce and options abound, the significance of robust customer engagement cannot be overstated. For...

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