Ultratech Capital Partners – At the Vanguard of Effective Investments in...

We know that you invest in dual-use emerging technology to focus on contemporary demands facing national security, resource efficiency, and energy sustainability. Why these...

Taiwan 2024 Election: Militarization or Development

By Dr. Dan Steinbock      Taiwan's elections loom just a few weeks away. Continued militarization would undermine past economic success. Taiwan is at its...
Offices of the Future

Offices of the Future Will Be Uniquely Tailored to Each Company

By Dr. Gleb Tsipursky With fewer hours being spent in the office, companies are keen to optimise their employees' office time. While it's obviously hugely important...
Hospitality Trends

Hospitality Trends: How to Navigate the New Tourist Flow Patterns?

By Dr. Tatyana Tsukanova and Lionel Saul Change is inevitable, especially when we talk about tourism. Tastes change, as do external factors that force one...
Audio Data

Aural Examination: Making Sense of Audio Data

Interview with Nigel Cannings, CTO at Intelligent Voice  Although the written word remains recorded in solid alphabetic form, speech is ephemeral and flits past us,...
Navigating the Pillars of UAE's Economy

Navigating the Pillars of UAE’s Economy: A Guide to Government-Owned Banks

The United Arab Emirates, a vibrant financial hub, is not just about its towering skyscrapers and bustling souks; it's also where some of the...

Malta Invites Non-EU Entrepreneurs to Start Up in Malta

Malta is inviting non-EU entrepreneurs to launch their new ventures, or scale up their existing ones, using Malta as their base. The new Malta...

Investing for impact: Interview with Prof. Durreen Shahnaz, CEO and Founder...

Taking social and environmental impact into account in investment decisions is clearly ethically sound. But, as Professor Durreen Shahnaz explains, it makes mathematical sense,...

UNESCO: 1/3 of Countries Do Not Emphasize Climate Change in Teacher...

With COP28 just a week away (30 November – 12 December), UNESCO sheds light on a critical issue hindering global climate action: the lack of...

Small Businesses are the Lifeblood of the American Economy

It's more than just a catchphrase; small businesses are the heartbeat, the driving force that keeps this nation's economic engine running at full throttle....

Our Colleges and Universities Need to Innovate. Here’s How.

By Steven Mintz If American higher education is to meet the demographic, financial, equity, and career-preparation challenges that it faces, innovation – in curricular design,...

Safeguarding Transactions: Security Measures in Custom Payment Solutions

In our increasingly digital world, custom payment solutions have become the backbone of e-commerce, making it easier for businesses and customers to transact securely...
iStock-1438406609 (1)

Effective Manufacturing through Strategies for Bill of Materials Management

Bill of Materials (BOM) is a critical component in the manufacturing process, serving as the foundation for product development and production. Effective BOM management...
Finishing the Cuff

Wedding Rings for Men: Exploring Abelini’s Timeless Creations

The wedding ring especially for men has a deep meaning in the big tapestry of matrimonial symbolism. This is a classic symbol that goes...

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