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Cyber Security

4 Cybersecurity Strategies for Small Businesses

Cyber attacks can cripple a business, no matter the size. But for small and midsized companies specifically, cybersecurity is critical. Criminals often target these...

Walnut Raises $35M Series B led by Felicis After Growing 700% Since Recent Round

The financing round comes on the heels of growing 700% just four months after announcing prior round  Manhattan, NYC -- January 18, 2022 -- Walnut,...
Supply Chain Management

An Easy Guide to Understanding How Supply Chain Management Works

Supply chain management (SCM), is the process of controlling the flow of services of a company, mainly manufactured goods. This covers everything from the...
Young Asian man deaf disabled using laptop computer for online video conference call learning and communicating in sign language.

Role of an Interpreter and a Translator

Before you hire a translator or an interpreter, you must be clear about the differences between the two. The role of an interpreter is...

How To Do An Industry Analysis?

At times, conducting a thorough industry analysis can be time-consuming and tedious. However, an industry analysis can help identify what important problems need to...

An Essential Guide for Merchants: How to Manage Chargebacks

The Commerce business has experienced a lot of adaptations since its beginnings, and its digital transformation to e-commerce is the latest. More and more...
Business Equipment

New Business Equipment – Myths and Truths About How to Start New Business

There are hundreds of thousands of new businesses started every year in the USA alone. A lot goes into starting a new business, from...

How Can Influencer Marketing Help Small Businesses?

In the current social media era, influencers are a powerful marketing tool for small businesses. Read on to discover ways in which influencer marketing...

Oleg Boyko, International Entrepreneur, Wins Lawsuit Against Giant Google LLC

A victorious Boyko: “Case against Google LLC may set a legal precedent.” Oleg Boyko, Finstar Financial Group founder, filed a lawsuit against Google LLC and...
Sell Coffee Online

Simple Steps to Selling Coffee Online From the Comfort of Your Home 

By Damon Shrauner Coffee is the nation’s most popular beverage, with over two-thirds of the population drinking coffee every day. The market for the beverage...