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On Duterte and the Philippines

Duterte’s Pragmatic Agenda for the Philippines

By Dan Steinbock While the Aquino reforms ignited great progress in the Philippines, the new president will favor inclusive growth and greater pragmatism in foreign...

The South China Sea and Philippine National Interest and Security

By Roland Simbulan The ideal strategic goal is for the Philippines to enjoy the friendship of the US, Japan and China and not be a...

Overcoming Decades of Missed FDI in the Philippines

By Dan Steinbock Since the 1980s, economic success in Asia has often relied on foreign investment, at least initially. Last week, President Duterte took a...

How to keep the Philippine economic future on track

By Dan Steinbock               The Philippines is on the right path, if the government can continue to balance between strong growth amid international uncertainty, while pushing...

The Philippine National Election 2016: The Good, the Bad and The Ugly

By Pauline Eadie  Rodrigo Duterte was elected president of the Philippines in May 2016. Arguably Duterte’s electoral success was down to his straight talking approach...

Development Should Guide US-Philippine Mutual Defense Treaty Review

By Dan Steinbock     In times of great uncertainty, strategic ambiguity offers little clarity. The review of the U.S.-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty should be...

The Shift of the Philippine Peso Regime

By Dan Steinbock In the Aquino era, the focus was on financial flows, which rested on a strong peso. In the Duterte era, it is...

Philippines 2016: Navigating Between the US and China

By Dan Steinbock               In the past six years, Washington and Manila have been cementing a military alliance, which is reassuring to many Filipinos but leaves...

People Are Likening the Next Philippine President to Donald Trump. Here’s Why.

By Walden Bello A hapless elite, an angry electorate, and a brash front-runner with little regard for democratic norms: The latest Philippine election sounds a...

The Economic Costs of Corruption in Philippines

By Dan Steinbock                 The recent $200 million customs debacle may be just a tip of the iceberg. Due to illicit financial flows, Philippines has...

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