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Vertical Farming — a sustainable ag-tech solution? Are vertical farms the future of food?

By Nicole Junkermann With more mouths to feed and the climate crisis destroying crops across the world, could tomorrow’ s dinners come from crops grown...
wind turbines

5 Reasons the US Should Cut its GHG Emissions in Half by 2030

By Greg Carlock and Dan Lashof Climate change already affects millions of Americans, from worsening asthma and other respiratory problems to spurring destructive and...
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Heinz Junkermann – A Philanthropic Perspective

This year marks the tenth anniversary since international entrepreneur Nicole Junkermann lost her father Heinz, who passed away in his hometown of Dusseldorf at the age of eighty-three. From a...
Electric Vehicle

The Electric Vehicle Market On the Rise

While 2020 was a year to forget for the motor industry, there was one positive, the electric vehicle market. It seems that more and...
Ethical Practices for a Sustainable Business

Ethical Practices for a Sustainable Business

Creating a sustainable company revolves around what will work in the long-term. Both for the planet and your business model. There are areas you...

The Worldwide Growth of Electric Vehicles

The global market for electric-powered vehicles has been booming in recent years. This year was a tremendous win for Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla,...

A New Sphere of Sukuk: Linking the Pandemic to the Paris Agreement

By Greget Kalla Buana and Khairunnisa Musari The number of reported COVID-19 cases is approaching 50 million across the globe, and the death toll...

How Coronavirus is Shaping the Future of Work

Lockdowns, social distancing, isolation, working remotely – 2020 certainly has coined a glut of new terms and concepts that, just 12 months ago, would...

How to Conduct a Business Energy Audit

Using gas and electricity is essential to powering your business. However, many SMEs often overlook a number of small steps that could help them...

How to Avoid An Existential Crisis With Everything Going on in the World

There’s no dancing around the fact that 2020 has been a wild ride so far. From the Australian bushfires to COVID-19, to a near-miss...