An Introduction to the Open Source Concept

An Introduction to the Open Source Concept

The open source philosophy is a way of thinking and working within the open source community that values intellectual freedom and is built around...
creative process

ChatGPT, DALL-E 2 and the Collapse of the Creative Process

By Nir Eisikovits and Alec Stubbs In 2022, OpenAI – one of the world’s leading artificial intelligence research laboratories – released the text generator ChatGPT and the...

Unlike with Academics and Reporters, You Can’t Check When ChatGPT’s Telling the Truth

By Blayne Haggart Of all the reactions elicited by ChatGPT, the chatbot from the American for-profit company OpenAI that produces grammatically correct responses to natural-language...
future of software

The Future of Software Asset Management in Business: Trends and Predictions

By Cosmas Mwirigi As 2022 winds down, we can't help but look at the changes in software asset management (SAM) with rose-tinted glasses. Admittedly,...

The ChatGPT Chatbot is Blowing People Away with its Writing Skills. An Expert Explains...

By Marcel Scharth We’ve all had some kind of interaction with a chatbot. It’s usually a little pop-up in the corner of a website, offering...
global cybersecurity

Zero Trust Segmentation: Stopping Breaches From Becoming Catastrophes

Interview with Adam Brady, Director, Systems Engineering, EMEA at Illumio  Zero trust security is a key strategy to protect corporate IT assets. But continuously authenticating...

How Digital Innovation and AI Will Continue to Reshape Businesses in 2023

Digital transformation has impacted businesses of all sizes over the past year. Virtually all businesses small and large now have a significant online presence....
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning; Where Are They Used Today

Lots of technologies are in charge today. And AI is one of the most amazing ones. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, an average...
Japan's Digital Transformation

Japan’s Digital Transformation and the Digital Safety of the General Public

By Naohiro Yashiro Digital transformation in Japan is necessary in order to achieve sustainable economic growth in a situation of labour force shortages. Regulatory reform...
Security Risks Using Artificial Intelligence

Managing Security Risks in Fintech Using Artificial Intelligence

By Maksym Bieliai, BA Team Leader, Fintech Market Analyst and Yevhen Krasnokutsky, AI/ML Team Leader, PhD at MobiDev Financial companies face exposure to a greater...

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