How Walmart Used Collaboration and Co-Creation to Build the World’s Largest Industrial Blockchain Solution

By Kate Vitasek Walmart has long been known for its supply chain prowess and muscle. But when it came to solving friction with carriers caused...

Biggest Future Trends In Manufacturing

Manufacturers continuously strive to become better, overcome current challenges, identify efficiencies and improve processes. We don’t seem to realize that all items we have...

Headless Commerce Platforms Vendors are on the Rise—Here is Why

If you are in the eCommerce business, you may have probably heard of headless commerce. It is an eCommerce architecture that decouples the front-end...

A Useful Guide to Understanding The Pros And Cons of Collapsed Core Networks

No doubt, collapsed core networks are becoming more and more popular. But do they offer the benefits that many people claim? This guide will...
Artificial Intelligence

What Are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

We live in a highly automated world, where there are two types of tasks. Computers are performing one, and the second is waiting to...
Electric Vehicle

Emerging Trends in Global Progress of Electric Vehicle Sector

By Dr. Parveen Kumar and Anshika Singh A worldwide revolution is unleashing to drive the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs). Countries are embarking on the...
Getting rich on bitcoin - Businessman accumulate crypto currency with big magnet and money flying in air

How Has Bitcoin Impacted Machine Learning?

Bitcoin was the initial virtual money to employ encryption to protect and anonymize operations effectively. This breakthrough allowed Bitcoin to be utilized in machine...
higher ed

How COVID is Helping Higher Ed Find Technology’s Goldilocks Scenario 

By Dr. Tyra Gross and Gangaram Singh Over the past twenty months, higher education faculty and students have gotten used to the ubiquitous nature of...

Digital Solutions Are Changing How Construction Teams Operate

By Evelyn Long Technology is revolutionizing the operations strategies of construction teams around the world. The last couple of years have seen a rise in...
Robot handshake human background, futuristic digital age

Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Banking World 2022

The global AI market was valued at 62.35 billion in 2020. And the market is expected to expand with a CAGR of 40.2% between...

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