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Power Influencers from Business and Academia

Where’s the Risk? Global Intelligence for Business Decision-Making

Interview with Alexander Sehmer, Falanx Assynt's Director for Geopolitical Intelligence With the complexities of today’s international political scene, keeping abreast of developments and understanding their...

COVID-19 Spotlight: Entrepreneurs Must Adapt to the Pandemic, says Jesse Willms

We are currently in the midst of one of the most uncertain times in recent history. Millions of people across the globe are either...

Elon Musk ― An Inspirational Icon for Generation X Globally

By Professor M.S. Rao, Ph.D This article outlines leadership lessons from Elon Musk. It differentiates between hard and soft leadership. It illustrates with examples of...

Nurturing Fintech Start-Ups: In Pursuit of Global Hub Status for Tokyo

Interview with Ms. Chie Ito, FINOLAB Inc. CEO and Finovators Co-Founder FINOLAB, Inc. was set up with the goals of supporting fintech start-ups in Japan,...

Amid Coronavirus, All Eyes Are On Supply Chain Effectiveness

Interview with Rich Katz, CEO of leading digital supply network Elemica The pandemic has magnified supply chain weaknesses and, for many companies, laid bare the...

Clearing the Paper Jam: SigniFlow Liberates the Business through Digitalisation

An Interview with Mr Leon van der Merwe, Founder and Executive Director of SigniFlow The Shangri-La of the paperless office has remained obstinately distant in...

Dmitry Gusev: “Banks that ignore responsible banking principles are going to be left behind”

An Interview with the CEO of Sovcombank At the end of September 2019, a number of international financial institutions launched the UNEP FI Principles for...

Digital Innovation That Drives Towards Attainable Housing For All

Interview with Magued Eldaief, CEO of Prescient Prescient has built itself on leveraging digitisation to bring order to the traditionally somewhat chaotic process of putting...

Agency for Innovation: How Luxinnovation supports Luxembourg’s economic development ambitions

Luxembourg takes advantage of its small size by being light on its feet when it comes to attracting investment and innovation to the country....

Empowering Your Leadership at the Pulse of Business in New York City

A Special Interview with Professor Paul Ingram, Faculty Director of the Advanced Management Programme at Columbia Business School Executive Education.


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