copywriting in business

7 Copywriting Secrets to Generating More Leads For Your Business

By Bridgette Hernandez There are many reasons to write a copy. You want to establish thought leadership, increase name recognition, build a social media following, earn...
digital marketing

Improving Online Presence: The Dos and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has changed and evolved with time. What worked years ago now has a better and improved version; it might not work today,...

Why Information Providers Need To Be Open To Sharing in Their Business Models

By Joshua Gans Information content providers, especially publishers of media (including books, news, journals, music and video), have been concerned that “information wants to be...

How to Achieve Zero Emissions from Supply Chains?

In the battle against climate change, supply chains are essential. Why? Because they are responsible for almost 60% of all world carbon emissions. To...

Global and Local Logic: I Hear Your Words, But They Make No Sense!

By Rick Molz Below, Rick Molz develops an explanation of conflicts and incompatible interpretations of events between agents of multinational corporations and actors present in...
red logos

Most Famous Red Logos of All Times

In all the variety of logos we see everywhere today, and most of all, of course, on the Internet, red still works as a...
Financial accounting with tax documents, pen and calculator. The concept of business and finance.

Overview About Sales Commission Calculator

One of the most common and essential questions facing business owners is how to calculate sales commissions. This Sales Commission Calculator is a simple...
queen elizabeth

In 1953, ‘Queen-crazy’ American Women Looked to Elizabeth II as a Source of Inspiration...

By Arianne Chernock In the spring of 1953, women from across the United States traveled to Britain – for many, it was their first time...
Client Experience

How Can I Improve the Client Experience at My Business?

Growing a business isn’t just about the amount of profit you make each month or year. It is also about how you convince consumers...

Why Is Corporate Email Signature Management an Essential Marketing Activity?

Communicating online is undoubtedly an important part of marketing. The way company employees negotiate some terms, speak to customers, or ask colleagues for help...

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