The Surprising Ways in Which Marketing and Politics Are Similar

Marketing is the process of promoting a certain product or service that can cater to the needs of a certain audience. On the other hand, politics involves the leadership or governance of certain individuals who were put in position by their constituents. While these two areas are significantly different, you may be surprised to know that these two have a lot in common.


Promotional Strategies and Techniques

One of the very distinct similarities between marketing and politics is that both implement certain promotional strategies to win the hearts of their target market. SMS marketing is often integrated into political campaigns to reach a wider range of audiences. In fact, Jooksms explains how elections are now won with SMS marketing wherein informative messages about the candidate are sent across various voters in their jurisdiction. This can be attributed to higher open rates of SMS which soars compared to emails.


Value Proposition

Another commonality between marketing and politics is that both campaigns aim to establish the credibility of the brand or the political candidate through the value proposition. In marketing, this includes expressing what a product or service is for, as well as what sets it apart from the other existing brands in the market. In politics, this involves what a politician can do and how he can be of service to the people, something that other politicians won’t be able to deliver.


Monitoring Your Reputation

Monitoring the reputation of a brand is part of an effective marketing campaign, much like monitoring the reputation of a politician is necessary too. This can be done by acquiring the feedback from the customers or the constituents, such that a business or the politician will be able to act out on the areas that they need to improve accordingly. There may be instances wherein miscommunication may happen and the effect of this may be apparent through negative reviews. It can also be that you implemented automation in your campaign, but there was a certain configuration that was not set properly. It is very highly likely for you to catch these types of errors in the campaign through proper monitoring.


Exploring Your Competition

Lastly, in both marketing and politics, it is important to research your competition for two main reasons. One is to be able to emulate the technique or strategy that they are implementing to eliminate the need for reinventing the wheel, which greatly saves time and resources. Another is to have a competitive advantage, always being one step ahead.

There are several areas where marketing and politics are very much similar. For one, both employ promotional strategies and techniques to reach their target audience. Both also aim to establish certain credibility that will make their audience opt for them rather than on their competitors. In addition to this, it is important in both marketing and politics to monitor the reputation of the brand or the candidate to know whether a tweak in their campaign strategy is necessary. Finally, in both marketing and politics, it is imperative to explore the competition to have a winning edge. 

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