How Finance Brands Use Instagram


Instagram has become a popular platform for companies to use since its release in the year 2010. New applications have emerged in the last few years to help brands connect with their followers. Instagram has been a huge platform for brands and businesses to share their thoughts and opinions with the public. This article discusses how finance companies use Instagram to gain more brand recognition by providing their followers with interactive content such as videos, GIFs, and pictures promoting their services.

The world of Instagram is growing at lightning speed and becoming a platform many brands are eager to engage with. The lower barrier of entry and social media benefits make it appealing to the financial industry. How do finance brands use Instagram, and what can you do to leverage this opportunity for your brand?

Instagram is a social platform that’s increasingly associated with experiences, not products. Banks are using this trend to their advantage and creating engaging content that people want to see. According to a survey conducted by IamFamous Australia, Instagram is being used by finance brands like, SBI, FirstBank, GT Bank, YES, Zenith Bank, Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and UBS.

Why Buying Instagram Followers is a Part of their Strategy

Many banks on their Instagram account buy real Instagram followers to grow their following. Buying Instagram followers makes it easy for the finance industry to build customer trust and credibility. Many people believe that buying followers is a way to increase a page’s popularity artificially. However, this is not always the case. Buying followers can help banks achieve certain goals, such as increasing brand awareness or gaining new leads.

Instagram is an influential social media platform with over two billion active users. Banks use Instagram to connect with customers and share important updates and announcements. Buyers of Instagram followers often aim to increase the reach of their accounts to attract more viewers and convert more leads into customers. By building a large following on Instagram, banks can stand out from the competition and gain the trust of potential customers.

Banks should be careful when buying followers because fake accounts can damage a bank’s reputation and discredit its online presence. Some buyers offer guaranteed results which can be misleading, especially since many fake accounts are shut down by Instagram administrators quickly. While buying followers may not be 100% ethical, it can still be an effective way for banks to grow their presence on the platform.

How the Finance Industry Uses Instagram

The finance industry is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve its operations. Instagram, a social media platform with a large user base, has proven to be an effective tool in banking innovation in this regard.

Instagram allows financial institutions to track and analyze their customer bases in real-time. This information can better understand customer behavior, identify trends, and make more informed marketing and product offerings decisions.

Financial institutions are also able to use Instagram as a way to connect with their customers directly. They can build trust and rapport with their customers by posting engaging content. It helps them foster a relationship that is beneficial not just financially but emotionally as well.

Why Instagram is a Great Way for Banks to Advertise

Instagram is a great way for banks to advertise their products and services. Instagram allows banks to connect with their target audience in a fun, interactive way. This platform also allows banks to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements. Additionally, Instagram can be used to build relationships with customers. Using Instagram, banks can create a loyal customer base that may refer others to their institution. In addition, Instagram can help Banks compete against other financial institutions by demonstrating how well they understand their target market.

How Other Brands Use Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform where users can share photos and videos with friends, family, and followers. Brands use Instagram to communicate with customers and connect with people interested in their products or services. Brands use Instagram to create a community around their products and services. For example, Nike uses Instagram to create a sense of community around its sneakers. Nike posts photos of celebrities wearing its sneakers, models wearing the sneakers in different styles and locations, and photos of people using Nike sneakers for everyday activities. It creates a sense of connection between Nike and its customers. 

Nike also uses Instagram to promote new products. For example, it recently released a limited edition sneaker called the Nike LeBron XVIII “King” edition shoes. Nike posted photos of the shoes on Instagram and included information about how to order the shoes. It promoted the sale of the shoes while also creating a sense of community around them.

Other brands use Instagram to communicate with their customers in different ways. For example, Lululemon Athletica posts photos of athletes wearing Lululemon clothing and discusses different aspects of the clothing, such as fit, fabric composition, etc. It helps athletes choose the right gear for their workouts and helps them learn more about Lululemon’s products.

Top 5 Banks on Instagram (By Followers)

Instagram is a great platform for businesses of all sizes to connect with their target audience. This list of the top five banks on Instagram shows how important it is for businesses to have a presence on this social media platform.

1. State Bank of India (2.2M Followers)

State Bank of India (SBI) is one of the largest banks in India and has an extensive social media presence. On Instagram, SBI posts various content, from updates about its products and services to photos of its employees. The Bank’s Instagram account has around 2,200,000 followers. SBI is the biggest stake-holder in fintech technologies that drive the industry.

SBI’s Instagram account is well-organized and easy to follow. The account posts regularly about new products and services and images of staff members working in its offices. It also posts images of competitions and events that the Bank participates in. Overall, SBI’s Instagram account provides valuable information about the Bank to its followers.

2. FirstBank (0.99M Followers)

FirstBank is a bank with over 990,000 followers on Instagram and has been sharing amazing content with its followers for years. Their tone is always positive, inviting customers in and showing them how they can use their banking services to improve their lives. They have a variety of posts about savings, checking accounts, loans, and other financial products. They also have some great pictures of employees at the Bank and interesting facts about the Bank. FirstBank is a great resource for anyone looking for banking information or inspiration.

3. GT Bank (0.77M Followers)

GT Bank is the third most followed Bank on Instagram, with over 777,000 followers. Some sources confirmed that GT Bank has achieved this number by utilizing social media services like Superviral. The Bank has been active on the platform for over two years and has created various content that connects with its audience. It has used Instagram to promote its products and services and connect with its customers.

The Bank’s Instagram account is full of interesting content. Its posts are often humorous and feature interactive features such as polls and contests. GT Bank also uses Instagram to connect with its followers outside the platform. For example, it recently sponsored a bike race in India and donated proceeds selling T-shirts worn by participants to charity.

4. Zenith Bank (0.55M Followers)

Zenith Bank is the fourth most followed Bank on Instagram, with over 553,000. The Bank has been active on the platform for over two years and has used it to create brand awareness and connect with its customers. Zenith uses Instagram to share interesting content, including tips for saving money, product updates, and marketing campaigns. The Bank also uses the platform to build relationships with its followers and provide valuable insights into their lives.

5. YES Bank (0.52M Followers)

YES Bank is the 5th most followed Bank on Instagram, with a following of 0.52M followers. The Bank has regularly released engaging content on its social media feeds, including video posts, photos, and live updates of events. In addition to being active on Instagram, Yes Bank has also created accounts on other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Overall, Yes Bank’s social media strategy effectively reaches its target audience and builds brand trust.

Final Words

Instagram is an incredibly popular social media platform that finance industry professionals use to promote their businesses and connect with their customers. A study published in the Journal of Marketing Research found that Instagram can be a powerful tool for financial advisors to build relationships with potential clients, share content about products and services, and drive leads through website visits. So if you’re interested in breaking into the finance industry, start following some of the top influencers on Instagram and learn everything!

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