Superstore Closures in China: the Past, Now, and the Future

By Lisa Qixun Siebers In the first quarter of 2022, large retail giants continue to close their superstores in China. We use the activities of...

Overcoming Resistance to Innovation

By Jim Euchner In “Lean Startup in Large Organizations1,” innovation expert James A. Euchner explores the reasons why corporations are hard-wired to resist change. More...
Shaping Customer Relationships

Business Responsibilities in Shaping Customer Relationships

By David De Cremer We have known for decades that the customer matters to business success. Customers are needed for businesses to survive. Hence, paying...

Be Very Careful About When and How to Pursue a Vertically Integrated Strategy

By Howard Yu The surging market capitalization of Tesla, Nio, and BYD demonstrates the reward of vertical integration—when it’s needed. But be careful. Its misapplication...
Residency by Investment

Residency by Investment: Your Insurance for a Brighter Future

The Rise of Residency by Investment in the New World  So, you may be wondering what your next investment should be? Ever thought about investing...
covid museum

Global R&D Effort For Creative Technology Must Be Stepped Up Post-Covid

By Andrew Thompson and Lord Neil Mendoza The pandemic has highlighted creative industries’ innovative capacity and the extent to which we rely on culture not...

When Survival is on the Line, Can Rebels be the Solution?

By David De Cremer In times of crisis, companies have no choice other than to face themselves in the mirror and ask what is needed...
Social Media

Championing Free Speech in the Social Media Capital of the World

By Michael Henry Yusingco Social media-savvy Filipinos will be a huge factor in the 2022 elections. Despite the threat of online disinformation, political activism in social...

Promoting Organizational Resilience with a Message of Hope

By David De Cremer The pandemic has made one thing clear to organizations: In times of crisis and brutal changes, many companies and their employees...
War as a Business Strategy

The Art of War as a Business Strategy

By David De Cremer Competition and rivalry are considered a key aspect for effective, innovative and growing businesses to emerge. As Bill gates noted: “Whether...

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