November Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal's Golden Visa program offers a fast track to EU citizenship for non-EU citizens who invest in the country. Launched in 2012, the program...
Ukraine People

We Asked Ukrainians Living on the Front Lines What was an Acceptable Peace –...

By Gerard Toal and Karina Korostelina Ukraine’s recent counteroffensive success against Russian troops in the Kharkiv region has raised hopes that a larger rollback of occupying troops is at...
queen elizabeth

In 1953, ‘Queen-crazy’ American Women Looked to Elizabeth II as a Source of Inspiration...

By Arianne Chernock In the spring of 1953, women from across the United States traveled to Britain – for many, it was their first time...

To Meet Global Green Finance Needs, the EU and China Must Cooperate

By Christoph Nedopil and Mathias Lund Larsen The green transition of energy, transport, industry, urbanisation and agriculture requires a massive acceleration of global green investments...

The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining European Golden Visa Residency

As an investor, your life mainly revolves around conducting and expanding business in the easiest manner possible and grabbing every opportunity that comes your...

G7 and the Desperation Stage of Russian Sanctions

By Jack Rasmus Biden and the other G7 leaders are meeting in the Bavarian Alps this week. Apart from proclaiming they’ll never give up supporting...

The Czech Republic Recovery and Resilience Plan

By Vojtěch Chloupek and Jiří Švejda The European Union has launched its largest package of economic stimulus measures to help with the aftermath of the...

The Impact of the Ukraine Conflict on the World Economy

Ever since Russia’s conflict with Ukraine started, unprecedented blows have been dealt to the global economy, and severe repercussions have been felt by the...

Can Wealthy Nations Stop Buying Russian Oil?

By Amy Myers Jaffe One option the U.S. and other nations have for ratcheting up pressure on Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine...

Russian Sphere of Influence: What is it? What Could It Be?

By Timo Kivimäki The Russian demand of ending the expansion of NATO to its borders has raised debate in the international media and academia. These...

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