Bluemina Annual Citizenship and Residency Summit: A Gathering of Opportunities in Riyadh 2024


The biggest summit for citizenship and residency in the middle east! 

In a dazzling display of expertise and hospitality, Bluemina recently hosted the biggest summit for citizenship and residency by investment in the Middle East in Riyadh at the prestigious Voco Hotel. The event, held from 2 pm to 11 pm, saw over 150 attendees eager to explore the comprehensive range of services offered by Bluemina. The summit, not only a platform for business discussions but also a celebration of partnerships and connections, left a lasting impression on all who were present. 

A Hub of Expertise 

Bluemina, a company specializing in citizenship and residency services, transformed Voco Hotel Riyadh into a hub of knowledge and expertise during the summit. The event was strategically designed to provide valuable insights into the various citizenship and residency programs the company offers, with a focus on assisting clients interested in availing themselves of these services. 


Expert Regional  Advisors

One of the highlights of the Bluemina Annual Citizenship and Residency Summit was the presence of the regional advisors from different countries such as Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Palestine and more gathered in one place at one time, ready to guide and assist clients through the intricacies of citizenship and residency processes. The expert regional team at Bluemina showcased their commitment to excellence by providing personalized consultations and addressing queries from the diverse group of attendees.  


Interactive Sessions and Networking 

The summit featured interactive sessions where clients had the opportunity to engage with Bluemina’s  regional advisors on a one-on-one basis. These personalized consultations allowed attendees to gain a deeper understanding of the available programs and how Bluemina could cater to their unique needs and aspirations.  



To add an extra layer of excitement to the event, Bluemina organized a raffle, offering attendees a chance to win exclusive prizes. The anticipation and thrill of the raffle complemented the informative sessions, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere throughout the summit. 


Entertainment Extravaganza

Bluemina went above and beyond by incorporating entertainment into the summit. A talented pianist graced the occasion, providing a delightful musical backdrop to the event. The beautiful performance added a touch of elegance and sophistication, creating a memorable experience for all attendees.  

Bluemina’s CEO, Mr. Bashar, emphasized the pivotal role events like the Annual Citizenship and Residency Summit play in the company’s growth. He remarked, “Gatherings like these are milestones for Bluemina, propelling us toward continuous growth and innovation. Connecting directly with clients and showcasing our services in such environments is instrumental in our commitment to excellence.” Mr. Bashar’s forward-looking perspective underscores Bluemina’s dedication to growth, fostering meaningful connections that extend beyond the ordinary. The summit at Voco Hotel Riyadh exemplified this commitment, setting the stage for Bluemina’s continued success in the citizenship and residency services arena.  

The Bluemina Annual Citizenship and Residency Summit in Riyadh for the year 2024 proved to be a resounding success, bringing together industry experts, clients, and enthusiasts in a collaborative and enriching environment. With expert guidance, interactive sessions, a raffle, and captivating entertainment, Bluemina showcased its commitment to providing not just services but an unforgettable experience. As the summit concluded, attendees left with valuable insights, newfound connections, and a deeper appreciation for the possibilities offered by Bluemina in the realm of citizenship and residency. 

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