Contemporary Business and Management Challenges in China

By David De Cremer and Jess Zhang In today’s global context, Chinese companies face significant challenges in internationalising their services – not least that posed...

Bridging Cultural Divides: Doing Business in China

Q&A with Steven P. Feldman In today’s global economy, multinational companies must do business in China. In his recent interview with The World Financial Review,...

The Hidden Advantage of Chinese Subsidies

By Usha C. V. Haley and George T. Haley How did China move so swiftly in capital-intense industries without labour-cost or scale advantage from bit...

GLOBAL TRENDS: Facing Up to a Changing World

By Adrian Done How much time do you dedicate to thinking about the REALLY BIG issues that are likely to affect your personal and professional...

Building Ethical Business Cultures: BRIC by BRIC

By Alexandre Ardichvili, Douglas Jondle, Jack Wiley, Edgard Cornacchione, Jessica Li & Thomas Thakadipuram As the economies of Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRICs) continue...

Selling to the Poor

By Aneel Karnani The poor, of course, have many unmet needs. It would be wonderful if business could satisfy all (or even most of) these...

Trouble in the Middle: American-Chinese Business Relations, Culture, Conflict, and Ethics

By Steven P. Feldman Western businesspeople face a dilemma. China’s growing role in international business means it is nearly impossible not to do business in...

A Tale of Two Games: Global Strategies of Multinational Companies in China’s E-commerce Market

By Xin Wang & Justin Ren Why has there been hardly any successful entry into China’s e-commerce market by western firms? From consumer-to-consumer markets to...

Luxury Brands Need to Chart a Course into New Frontier Markets

By Glyn Atwal and Douglas Bryson The progressively unpredictable dynamics of the BRIC markets are now challenging luxury brands to rethink their global market strategies....

China’s Product Safety Problem: How Should Marketing Managers Make Ethical Decisions in China?

By Bang Nguyen and David De Cremer China has been known to be the world’s largest manufacturer, but its growth has reduced and thus is...

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