The Future of HSBC in China

By He Jun HSBC, founded on March 3, 1865, is facing one of the major risks in peacetime since its establishment. It has become an...

Trumping World Trade

By Dan Steinbock After the inauguration, President Trump has begun to reset the White House trade policies. But the consequences of “America First” stance in...

China-US Trade War: Japan G20 Déjà vu?

By Jack Rasmus This past June 29, 2019 Trump and China president, Xi, met again at the G20 in Japan in the midst of a...

AIIB: Experiments in Scaling-up Development Finance

By Daniel Poon Since its launch in January 2016, what are the significant developments on the operations of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)? In...

The Contemporary Value of Marx’s Practice of Civilisation

By Bao Zonghao Karl Marx’s practice of civilisation was used as a reference to this article. However, this is not the full and systematic explanation...
China Trade

China’s Leadership at an Inflection Point – What Does it Mean for Trade?

By Andre Wheeler With much of the world’s attention being focussed on Glasgow and the Climate Summit, not much is being said about China’s absence....

China and Russia – Towards an Economy of Peace?

By Peter Koenig Why is Peace not breaking out, when the vast majority of the world’s populace does not want war? Peter Koenig sheds light...

TPP and Global Governance

By Junji Nakagawa The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) currently under negotiation in the Asia Pacific region may drastically change the structure and function of the governance...

Superstore Closures in China: the Past, Now, and the Future

By Lisa Qixun Siebers In the first quarter of 2022, large retail giants continue to close their superstores in China. We use the activities of...

Time for Reset and Realism in the South China Sea

By Dan Steinbock After the South China Sea arbitration ruling, uncertainty and friction may increase in the region. However, the economic promise of China’s rise...

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