pre-paid bank card

How to Get a Free Pre-Paid Bank Card

By Jesse C Nowadays, you must have a bank card to do practically anything you want. Due to the risk of having cash on-site, some...

Walnut Raises $35M Series B led by Felicis After Growing 700% Since Recent Round

The financing round comes on the heels of growing 700% just four months after announcing prior round  Manhattan, NYC -- January 18, 2022 -- Walnut,...

Do You Need to Borrow? How to Pick the Right Sort of Loan

Securing a loan is not as difficult as choosing the right sort of loan. You may want to borrow for a number of reasons,...

2022 Financial Planning Outlook: Top Trends and Implications

Let’s face it - last year has put a lot of pressure on all of us in many ways. For most people, one of...
Cryptocurrency bitcoin

What is the Distinction Between Cryptocurrency and Federal Currency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital or a virtual currency and is surrounded by cryptography, which can make it impossible to double spend with its distributed...

Going Beyond the Boundaries: Renta 4 on Discovering the Growth Potential of the MILA...

A conversation with Mr. Tristán González del Valle Chavarri, Institutional Business Director at Renta 4 Banco and Chairman at Renta 4 Luxembourg As the dividing...

Waqf, Some Notes for its Revitalisation

By Ebi Junaidi and Khaled Abulfateh A waqf is an inalienable charitable endowment under Islamic law, which typically involves donating a building, plot of land...

Best Platforms Made On Ethereum

Ethereum is among the most critical digital tokens available on the internet nowadays. However, apart from this, other things are done using Ethereum. If...

What Is Exolix?

Finding a reliable service for swapping your crypto assets might be a tricky task. If you need a fast and secure crypto exchange, Exolix...

5 Great Tips to Help you Manage your Money

Managing your finances doesn’t have to be complex, and there are a number of reasons on why you would want to do this to...

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