Conventional versus Islamic Private Equity

By Mohamed Ali Chatti and Ouidad Yousfi There are some similarities between Islamic and conventional PE, like for example the active participation, the quick exit...

The Origins of Business

By Keith Roberts This essay outlines how business entities began and grew to become the recognizable ancestors of modern business. It suggests that deliberate innovation and marketing are...

The Hidden Advantage of Chinese Subsidies

By Usha C. V. Haley and George T. Haley How did China move so swiftly in capital-intense industries without labour-cost or scale advantage from bit...

Elevating board performance: The significance of director mindset, operating context, and other behavioral...

By Simon C.Y. Wong The global financial crisis has prompted debate once again on how to improve the effectiveness of the board of directors at...

How the Rand Exchange Rate Volatility Affects the South African Economy?

By Matthew Kofi Ocran While the South African rand has historically been characterised with high volatilities, the recent levels of gyrations of the currency, particularly...

Can Capitalism Save the Environment?

By Tabitha M. Benney Developing economies can provide an invaluable contribution to the effort to prevent further climate change. Below Tabitha M. Benney illustrates how...

Natural Disasters, Bank Damages, and Firm Activities

By Kaoru Hosono and Daisuke Miyakawa Below Kaoru Hosono and Daisuke Miyakawa examine the impacts of financial shocks arising from two earthquakes in

Luxury Taxation, Good for Economic Development?

By Patrick Imam Developing countries are struggling to mobilise resources to finance social and infrastructural development. The author argues that one avenue is to tax...

The Impact of Law and Corruption on Venture Capital and Private Equity Fees and...

By Douglas Cumming, Grant Fleming, Sofia Johan & Dorra Najar This article summarises recent research on the role of law, culture and corruption on venture...

Fair Lending Compliance for Mortgage Lenders – An International Concern

By Anna DeSimone Both the U.S. and the European Union are addressing the problems believed to have created the financial crisis by heightening consumer protection...

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