APP Fraud – A Bank’s Burden?

By Gerard Heyes and Victoria Atkins Preventing APP fraud is at the top of the agenda for public and private bodies in the UK, hence...
Silicon Valley Bank

A Week to Remember in Finance: From the Silicon Valley Bank Crash to Panic...

By Emil Bjerg, journalist and editor of The World Financial Review Historic bank collapses in the US, panic in the European bank sector. The recent...

NFT: Beyond the Hype, There is the Future

By Terence Tse, Andrea Maria Cosentino and Mark Esposito Non-fungible tokens – much has been said and written about them, but what is the truth?...
Strategic Business Relationships

Formal Relational Contracting: The New Paradigm for Long-Term Strategic Business Relationships

By Kate Vitasek While 2019 will go down in history as the year the global pandemic started, 2022 will likely go down in history as...

What Will 2023 Hold for Banking and Fintech? Fantasy Valuations End, Banks Go Shopping...

By Alessandro Hatami 2023 is underway, and as is becoming the norm, uncertainty is the dominant theme. One question is whether this year could be...

PR and Marketing that’s Focused on the Financial Sector: Interview with Elizabeth Rayment, Founder...

Businesses operating in financial services are constrained by a complex fabric of regulatory frameworks. What are the implications for their PR and marketing activities?...
Erika Eliasson-Norris

Changing the Face of Governance: Interview with Erika Eliasson-Norris, CEO of Beyond Governance 

What does the "G" in "ESG" mean for a real business organisation with real-world issues, and how can it be not just a box...
Management Wealth in the Age of Machine Learning

Wealth Management in the Age of Machine Learning

By Maksym Bieliai, BA Team Leader, Fintech Market Analyst at MobiDev Wealth management services go beyond simple investment advice. It involves providing guidance to clients...
Financial Regulation

Compliance Without the Pain: Financial Regulation Made Easy

Interview with Rohini Gupta Rohini, Director and Lead Regulatory Advisor at FinregE. In highly regulated industry sectors, much of businesses' time and resources can be...
Blockchain Apps

Uncovering the Value of Blockchain Applications in the World of Finance

By Qiang Cheng This article discusses the benefits of using blockchain in the context of asset-backed security (ABS) issuance: reducing information asymmetry between issuers and...

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