Trade and Employment in Asia

By Niny Khor & Devashish Mitra While it is understood that trade leads to higher economic growth, the question of whether increased trade and openness...

Frontier Markets: Old Acquaintances, New Opportunities

By Tomás Guerrero The emergence of frontier markets is consolidating South-South relations and speeding up the global economic rebalance. Below, Tomás Guerrero describes how, to...

Entry Strategies for Middle Eastern Markets

By Tim Rogmans Despite political turbulence, Middle Eastern markets provide great opportunities for international investors. The region’s advantages include its location at the crossroads of...

EY’s 2013 Africa Attractiveness Survey: Getting Down to Business

By Michael Lalor Africa’s rise over the past decade has been very real, and the evidence of the continent’s clear progress is irrefutable; however, there...

Oil For Food: Big Business in The Middle East

By Eckart Woertz Middle Eastern countries are highly dependent on food imports. They have reacted to the global food crisis of 2008 with various measures...

Will China Inevitably Develop Powerful Global Brands? Three Possible Scenarios

By Howard Yu Given China's rapid economic development, what sort of global impact will Chinese brands have? This article identifies three scenarios, depending mainly on...

The China Model: a Civilizational-State Perspective

By Zhang Weiwei China’s dramatic rise should be understood in the context of China as a civilizational state, i.e. an amalgam of the world’s oldest...

Corruption in India

By Bibek Debroy and Laveesh Bhandari Corruption is most often defined as public corruption, corruption committed by public servants, sometimes also referred to as bureaucratic...

Reshaping Tomorrow: What will India look like in 2025?

By Ejaz Ghani What will India and the rest of South Asia look like in 2025? The optimistic view is that India will achieve double-digit...

ExecuJet Aviation Group meeting the development demands in Africa

By ExecuJet Aviation Group Operating in an environment in which Africa is still recovering from the global recession, ExecuJet have a crucial role to play...


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