What 2021 is Likely to Bring for Online Gaming and Casinos

Within the ever-changing climate of technology and innovation in the 21st century, each year brings new opportunities for things to be done better and faster while eliciting the most friendly and fun experience for the end-users. This is even more true in the world of gaming and online casinos which have seen a dramatic increase in traffic, especially in 2020. One thing is for certain: the market is growing and people are responding.

Although it’s impossible to predict the exact future of the industry, we can form an opinion based on what already happened this year. Let’s take a look at possible further directions the industry will move towards in 2021.

A Rising Popularity in Esports

Already having seen a large expansion in the sector over the last few years, Esports became especially popular when gamers began to come together to compete in tournaments and playing for fun in an interactive online setting. This soon converted into games being played for huge, real-money prizes as dedicated gamers began to place bets and partake much more competitively.

The astounding payouts have attracted many to the world of Esports and the global fanbase is only predicted to grow faster in the coming years. Just one example is last year’s Dota 2 tournament, a competition in an online battle arena that holds one of the top five spots for the largest overall prize pools in Esports history, in which each winning player won over two million dollars. With the winner’s rewards growing and greater technological improvements being made within different games, we can only expect that Esports will thrive even more in 2021.

A Continued Increase in Mobile Gaming

The convenience of gaming from a PC or laptop has been overridden by the even more user- friendly play from a mobile device. While many people still opt for the desktop view, more and more users are turning to their smartphones which always remain within reach. The surge of free-to-play applications available for download on Android and iPhones make this possible, and in 2021 studies have shown that mobile gaming will take over the market with a potential 59% increase. It’s already predicted that operators using these F2P apps to attract customers will cater to them even more so in the future, moving the user towards real-money play, and in doing so increasing market revenue.

Payment by Cryptocurrency Will Become a Way of Life

Cryptocurrency based casinos have already made their appearance all over the globe with the entrance of the Bitcoin into mainstream society over ten years ago and its reputation as a reliable form of currency and a good investment. Within the casino gaming world, the growth of their use online is due to many factors such as the low transaction fees, with many bitcoin casino sites even offering zero fees. In addition, by providing guaranteed autonomy through blockchain technology, Bitcoin casinos are even safer, more secure, efficient, and reliable than ever before. As people are realizing that users often prefer this method to traditional payment options, transfers within Bitcoin casinos are expected to rise in 2021 and beyond with more online casinos offering them. Cryptocurrency exchanges could quite possibly become the new norm much sooner than we think.

Virtual Reality Will be Used Much More

Virtual reality headsets will dramatically transform online casinos for the better. With the look and feel of gaming goggles, the experience they provide for users is unlike any other and highly stimulating. Already available in some in-person casino rooms, the next step coming shortly is to use them in the digital sphere as more and more people flock to online gaming. The only barrier as of now is the expensive nature of the software and machinery involved with getting these devices up and running for everyday customers. However, as VR continues to take the world by storm it’s predicted that further tech advancements will be made to make this a possibility very soon.

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