TiqFX Review – Changing the Retail Trading Paradigm


Retail traders are in a tough environment because they constantly compete with other market players. To level the playing field, they need a brokerage with the tools and features to put them on a blanched footing with the more sophisticated participants in the market. TiqFX was built with the average retail trader in mind, and it provides the resources necessary for them to trade assets. Furthermore, users will have a secure environment where they can build their portfolios.

In this guide, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of the brokerage to give you a better understanding of the platform. Furthermore, we will examine the features and how each one will improve your overall trading experience. TiqFX ensures that its users are exposed to the markets and assets they need.


24-Hour Trading

With TiqFX, you will be able to trade at all times during the day. Therefore, you will not be restricted to trading at certain times because you will have unrestricted access to the markets. This feature is great because it allows you to schedule your trading sessions to fit into your lifestyle. Also, it will remove the pressure to trade off your shoulders as you will be able to purchase assets when you please. The feature is great for busy retail traders who want to stay connected to their trading accounts with unlimited access.

Demo Trading Accounts

Risk prevents traders from trying out new trading strategies. To eliminate this risk, TiqFX has provided traders with a sandbox where they can practice in a simulated trading environment. This sandbox is a demo account with fake money, which eliminates any trading risks users may face. The demo account allows users to try new strategies, develop new techniques, and prepare for various market situations. This feature ensures that traders can build portfolios while developing the skills they need to move to the next level. Beginners, intermediate, and advanced traders will all benefit from using the demo accounts to improve their skills.

Learning Materials for Traders

The learning materials on the platform are made up of videos, articles, and audio from trading experts. These materials contain various trading topics and techniques which will help them to get better at their craft. Additionally, these materials are available to all users on the platform. If you want to be a better trader, these materials are the first step to getting there, as they cover a wide range of topics that will be beneficial to you. Furthermore, these materials are quite effective because they become a powerful tool for traders on the platform when paired with the available demo accounts.

Buy Fractional Units

What do traders with small amounts do when they want to purchase an asset but cannot afford it? The availability of fractional units solves this question on the platform. Users can use any amount they want to purchase the assets available on the platforms. These units can be used to make up your portfolio and sold at any point when you are ready. This feature makes it easier for users to purchase assets or test their trading hypothesis without going all in on an asset. Furthermore, it ensures that users are able to maximize their portfolios when they have a small brokerage balance.


Tough Account Opening Process

Opening an TiqFX account is a tough process. It requires users to undergo various checks and validations before the account is approved. These checks serve to prevent bad actors from using the platform negatively or harming users. Furthermore, it ensures that every user on the platform is known by TiqFX. The AML (Anti-Money Laundry) and KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements the brokerage asks from users are a way to protect them from any negative consequences. If you want to sign up for the brokerage, you will need to be patient and provide all the required documents.

Final Word

The TiqFX brokerage is designed to ensure that users are safe and secure when using the platform. Additionally, it provides tools and resources that change the trading paradigm. To learn more about the brokerage, visit its website.

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