PreMarkets Review – Gateway to the Modern Markets

PreMarkets Review - Gateway to the Modern Markets

Trading is a game of assets and markets. The more access traders have, the more opportunities they get. Retail traders need a brokerage that will give them access to various financial instruments to build strong and diverse portfolios. PreMarkets wants to become the modern gateway for retail traders by giving them access to various assets and markets. In addition, it will provide the tools they need to trade these assets.

PreMarkets has many features that help users get an edge in the market. There are many perks for users to enjoy while they use this service. We will examine some of these features and their benefits in our platform review. This is the place to be if you want to join the platform. Want to know more? Read our review of the PreMarkets features below.

PreMarkets Features

Zero Trading Fees

PreMarkets does not charge users for buying and selling assets on the platform. Traders can buy all the available assets on the brokerage without paying any fees for processing the transaction. PreMarkets eliminates these fees to give users a level playing field. In addition, it ensures that users do not have to worry about how fees will eat into their gains. Without these fees, retail traders can maximize the amount they make from their trades. This feature ensures that traders cannot restrict their trading and can purchase more assets.

Market and Asset Updates

Regular updates are uploaded on the PreMarkets service. These updates keep traders abreast of market news and information. This information ensures that users can stay ahead of the market and protect their portfolios from volatility. In addition, users do not need an extra app or service to stay updated with the happenings in the market. Traders need all the information they can get to drive their decision-making. As PreMarkets provides these updates, users can adjust their trading strategies and position themselves for better outcomes. The best part of this feature is that traders will always be able to avoid sudden price changes in the market.

Diverse Trading Assets

There are numerous assets available for users on the platform. Furthermore, the assets can be traded or added to the user’s portfolios. PreMarkets has created an open channel that gives users access to as many assets as needed to give them options. In addition, these assets ensure that traders have all they need and do not require an extra brokerage account to purchase unavailable assets. Some of the available assets on the platform include CFDs, ETFs, cryptocurrency, indices, bonds, and stocks. Whatever the asset, users will find it on the platform.

Portfolio Tracking Tools

Traders need to know how well they are doing in the market to ensure their portfolios are secure. To help traders monitor their positions better, PreMarkets provides users with portfolio tracking tools. These tools ensure that users can manage their assets and expectations by giving them accurate data about the state of their assets. It would also let users know how effective their trading strategies are and what assets are underperforming/outperforming the market. In a nutshell, users will be able to accurately measure their trading impact and make the necessary corrections to impact their portfolios positively. 

Demo Trading Accounts

How do traders improve their skills without risking their funds? PreMarkets has provided dummy accounts that allow users to practice risk-free. These accounts are accessible to all users on the platform. In addition, traders can easily switch between their live and demo trading accounts. The accounts are in a simulated environment that copies the movement of the live market. Therefore, traders will have a feel of the live markets, which will make their practice sessions more believable. Users are encouraged to use these accounts to learn more about market movements.


The brokerage wants its users to have full access to the financial markets. Its features ensure that users can buy and sell assets seamlessly. For more details, visit the PreMarkets website.

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