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Six Steps To Set Up An Online Business

The number of online businesses is at an all-time high, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down. If you’re here, the chances are that you already have a fantastic idea for an online business. However, bringing an idea to fruition and actually establishing an online business is an intense journey. Despite the route, with careful planning, the process is much easier than it seems.

If starting an online business is the route for you, keep reading on to know how you can do that.

Here are six steps to starting your very own online business:


Start With A Business Idea

While you may have an excellent business idea in mind, it’s vital to confirm it with market research. For starters, you can employ a consultancy that can do the research for you and potentially connect you with the target audience you’re planning on catering to. 

If you’re sure about your target audience, you should go through forums to determine what people are discussing. These discussions can lead you in the right direction by helping you refine your business idea and can even provide you feedback if you decide to post your business idea.

In the case where your business idea isn’t fully developed yet, you should consider products and services in the niche you’re interested in and try to figure out how you could improve these existing offerings.


Decide On A Business Name & Secure The Domain

Choosing a name for your online business is not an easy feat. There are multiple things you should consider. For instance, you might be able to generate more interest if your name incorporates trending keywords in your niche. 

Once you have a few potential business names in mind, you should run this list through a database to confirm whether the name is already taken or not. You should conduct a similar search on social media, too.

When your business name is finalized, you should secure the domain name by purchasing it before anyone else does. Even if there are a few months left into the official launch of your business, knowing that nobody else can get their hands on it will give you peace of mind.

The most obvious choice for a domain name is to use your brand name. However, if this is not available, then you add a hyphen or use a domain extension such as .me or .net.


Determine Your Revenue Model & Create A Business Plan

Your revenue model is one of the crucial aspects of your online business. It would help if you determined how you’ll be generating money, whether it’s by selling products and services or through affiliate marketing. Additionally, you may also require investors.

The revenue model is dependent on the kind of website you’re intending on setting up and the type of collaborations you’re aiming at making. If you’re planning on targeting investors, then creating a business plan will help consolidate the main aspects of your business. In fact, even if you’re not targeting investors, a business plan will help direct your focus to what’s essential.

If you’re struggling to draft a business plan yourself, you can always hire a business plan consultant who can help organize your approach and direct your focus to your primary goals.


Build Your Website

Your website is at the very core of your online business. First, you need to determine the web hosting you will opt for. The web hosting you choose, which includes shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and virtual private servers, is determined by the server space you require, the level of privacy you desire, and the speed you need from your website.

When you’re building your website, you need to ensure the aesthetics match the overall look and feel of your website. The easiest way to build a website is by using WordPress, which allows you to experiment with multiple paid and free templates, ensuring you’re bound to find something that fits best.


Prepare Your Offering

Once the foundation is up and running, it’s time to actually bring your offerings into play. If you’re selling physical products, you need to ensure the products are ready to be shipped when you start getting orders. On the other hand, if you’re offering a service, such as a SaaS software, then the product needs to be ready at this stage. Conduct user tests to ensure that customers can use the product easily.


Execute Your Marketing Strategy

Before you launch your business, the world needs to know about it. Every business’s marketing strategy varies, and what works for one company won’t necessarily work for another. Since you’re starting an online business, you need to focus on different marketing channels, such as social media marketing, content marketing, and paid ads.

If online marketing seems like a daunting task, there are many online business marketing strategies that you can focus on to get a headstart. These strategies will help you gain traction and generate buzz for your online business.

One of the best ways to attract attention to your business is through email marketing. By finding prospects’ email addresses, you can directly reach out to your target audience and garner their attention before the official launch.



The day your online business officially launches should be filled with different activities, such as PR interviews and social media announcements. What happens after launch day depends on your effort and how you can adapt to what your new business throws your way.

Running a successful online business isn’t easy, and it’s essential to be ready for the challenges. However, once you take steps in the right direction, you’ll start seeing great rewards in no time.

Do you have an online business of your own? What steps do you think are necessary? Let us know in the comments below!

What To to Expect When You Have a Medical and Health Insurance


Having health insurance is like a safety net; even when things surprise you and go for the worse, you will still have peace of mind that the insurance will have you and your family’s back. Financial problems should be the least of your troubles when you are faced with health issues, that’s why your health insurance comes to the rescue to put your mind at ease.


What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is what will help you in paying for your health care whenever you need medical attention. Insurance plans cover specific fields that can vary from routine checkups and doctor visits to major medical crises and treating serious illness or injuries. There are different plans that you can choose from. These plans distinguish between what the insurance will cover and what you will have to pay for yourself. Most plans don’t cover cosmetic procedures and other unnecessary surgeries that you can live without. However, some plans will cover you in case you need to seek medical attention for anything that’s bothering you.


Medicare Advantage Plans

These plans are a type of Medicare health plan that is provided by other companies that sort of work with and are approved by Medicare to provide different benefits for people to suit their needs. Specialized agents have managed to gather all types of information you might need about the Medicare advantage plan. The medical specialists over at www.MedicareWire.com makes sure that you are fully aware of everything you are buying. Every insurer has its own plan with its corresponding costs and the amount that the plan covers. You will find different coverage percentages with different prices for you to be able to choose the one plan that will suit your needs. With these plans, you can rest assured that most of Medicare services are covered. However, these types of services aren’t directly paid by Medicare. There are four different parts of these plans that cover different areas.

Different Advantage Plans

  • Part A

Part A is the hospital insurance that covers any expenses needed when you are staying at a hospital for treatment. Most of the time, people don’t even have to pay for part A as it’s usually covered by the Medicare tax deductions from your paycheck every month.

  • Part B

This, on the other hand, is the medical insurance that covers doctor visits, lab tests, screenings, using medical equipment, ambulance, and other outpatient services. Part B is considered to be more expensive than part A because it involves more costs.

You can use your work, insurance, or your spouse’s health plan to be able to have access to part B advantage plan that provides you with a lot of services for discounted prices or without any extra cost.

  • Part C

If you have decided to go for the Medicare Advantage (or MA), then you should expect to be paying for parts A, B, and B premium. Then you should try to find the best private insurance company to provide you with the benefits you need. Unlike other parts, part C covers dental and vision care which aren’t covered by other parts. Some plans even have extras such as wheelchair ramps, shower grips, meal delivery and even covers transportation expenses that come with all these doctor visits.

  • Part D

Part D plans are used specifically for prescription drugs to cover their costs. You can buy a part D plan from a private insurer who deals with Medicare and you are good to go.

The important thing to know is that not all plans cover all the benefits you want. You need to carefully read what you are subscribing to in order to know your rights. Knowing what you can do with full coverage and what you need to pay the full price will help you a lot in maintaining financial stability that doesn’t get affected by random hits.

Advantages of Medicare Plans

After you have decided between getting the original Medicare or the Medicare advantage plans and the exact parts you would want to be covered by, it’s time to contemplate your decision by weighing the pros and cons of choosing Medicare advantage plans. The main difference between original Medicare and the others is that with the original, you don’t have to be referred to see a specialist. You are almost likely will be covered throughout the united states. Medicare Advantage plans, on the other hand, offer extra benefits that you won’t find with the original.

  • The most important advantage you get with Medicare advantage plans is better coverage, discounts, and benefits that you get. With these plans, you can rest assured that you will be paying next to nothing for a service that otherwise who has cost you a fortune.
  • Every plan with Medicare has a maximum expense limit; once you pass it, you won’t be able to use the plan for the rest of the year. Medicare original is kind of better for not limiting your expenses regardless of the maximum out-of-pocket amount that you have spent.
  • Medicare Advantage plans are essentially less expensive if you compare their prices and your cost-sharing with the Original Medicare and what it covers. The best thing you can do to get the best of both worlds and get all the benefits that come with these plans along with the original Medicare advantages is to get Medicare supplement plan along with enrolling in a stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plan.

There are certain things you need to focus on when you are choosing your health insurance plan. This plan will determine the benefits you get and the out-of-pocket expenses that you will need. Choosing between original Medicare that covers hospital stays and most doctor visits will cost you a small amount that you might not even notice because it gets deducted every month from your paycheck. Going for Medicare advantage plans, on the other hand, means that you will get more benefits and will have the option to cover everything starting from a simple routine checkup to getting your prescription drugs without worrying about the money. The choice merely goes back to your needs.

Why you need DeBounce to secure your email marketing

Many say that we are living in a new digital age, which isolates us more and more, away from the customer. That communication is increasingly “in the cloud,” a whirlwind of automatic, purposeless email. But this is where the importance of email marketing becomes clearer. Using tools (many free), studying metrics and automation, you can create a fantastic and individualized experience. A unique communication for each customer.

It is true that there are currently several ways for you to communicate with your customer. From support via Whatsapp, a short video on Snapchat, or even posting to your company’s Medium. No matter, the simplest form of interaction remains email marketing.

What’s more, besides being a communication tool, email marketing plays a very important role in your new user acquisition strategy.

How important is email marketing?

Email marketing is especially important in delivering relevant content to your user through proper nutrition flow. The purpose of this flow is to take this user from a discovery stage of your product or service to the purchase decision.

But what if you deal with the wrong emails?

Dealing with the wrong emails will only prevent your email marketing from reaching your goals. They are just wasting your time and worse, they can harm your business in the long run. For that you need a tool that is able to prevent you from these useless emails. You need a tool that is sophisticated enough to detect these emails and get rid of them forever from your system. You need DeBounce. This is the best email verification tool on the market to detect inactive emails and also emails that are used only to enjoy your services without any desire to pay for anything.

DeBounce.io can detect wrong emails easily and remove them out of your system

DeBounce is able to detect emails that are no longer active. The point is e-mails that were made and used but are not used anymore. You don’t want to send messages to emails that won’t be read, this is why DeBounce is able to prevent you from wasting time.

What about bad emails? This is my term for e-mails that are made specifically to deceive your system. Suppose you offer a free service period that can be extended by paying, then you are the sitting duck. You are the target of people who only want your free service without the slightest desire to buy. You don’t want to deal with these people and the best solution for you is to make sure they are removed from your system. DeBoounce is able to do that simultaneously.

In other words, testing one by one email, trying to find out whether they are fake or not is past. Let DeBounce do it automatically and get rid of them forever. Email marketing is effective but only if it has potential goals. Haphazard email marketing only leads you to a loss, both in terms of time and financially.

Trump Impeachment: A Pointless Charade?

We all knew this day was coming, and now it’s finally arrived, it feels a little like an anti-climax. Donald J. Trump has become just the third American President in history to be impeached, and the story already seems stale. We’ve sat through hour after hour of news coverage and testimony to get here, and yet we all knew that his impeachment was inevitable. That was all down to a simple matter of mathematics in the House of Representatives. The same simple matter of mathematics may also explain why it feels like an anti-climax – we all know how this is going to end.

In order for Trump to be convicted in a trial held in the Senate – a trial that will possibly happen as early as next February – two-thirds of all the members of the Senate have to vote in favor of removing him. That simply isn’t going to happen. The vote to impeach him was split down party lines, with two Democrats refusing to go along with the motion. If Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and the other major players can’t persuade everyone in their own party to back them, what hope do they have of persuading Republican senators to vote their way when it really matters? The answer, as everybody surely already knows, is none.

Pelosi and Schiff knew they were gambling when they moved to impeach the President, but there are times when it makes sense to gamble, and there are times when it makes none. If the odds are in your favor, gamble. Even if the odds are unforeseeable, as they would be in an online slots game, it might still make sense to gamble if you believe you have a chance. Anyone who’s ever bet money on an online slots website like Dove Casino has stood a chance of coming away with a win. The odds of coming away with a win in online slots might be slim, but they’re better than the odds of the Democrats seeing Trump removed from power via this route. Short of a miracle occurring, Trump will be cleared of the charges against him when the time comes. What happens next will then be all-important, and it might be the biggest self-own in American political history.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., announces the passage of the first article of impeachment, abuse of power, against President Donald Trump by the House of Representatives at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2019. (House Television via AP)

We’ll never know if Trump stood a chance of being re-elected if the Democrats had simply left him to do his job, and got on with theirs. They’ve never, for a single second, accepted the result of the last election. They were hoping the Mueller report might bring him down, and they’ve jumped on the Ukraine scandal with every inch of their might. 2020 is an election year, and the Democrats should be focused on that, but it feels like they’re still contesting the 2016 election. For every move they make against Trump, they give him the chance to portray himself as being persecuted and victimized, and that stance plays well with his base. Every time the Democrats try to tighten the net with a move like this, they make it more and more certain that Trump’s supporters will vote him back in. What they risk doing at the same time is alienating people who may otherwise have voted for them.

Voters don’t like being told that they’ve got something wrong, and the hard fact of the matter is that Trump won the 2016 election. The smart thing for the Democrats to do would have been to lick their wounds, regroup, and focus on 2020. Instead, they’ve invested almost all the time since then trying to overturn that election result. In other words, their actions are showing the voters that they believe that the voters got it wrong. If Trump is impeached and removed, the 2016 election result is effectively null and void. That won’t play well with floating voters.

If you’d like to see evidence of that fact in action, look what just happened in the United Kingdom. Opposition parties have spent the past three years trying to protest or overturn the result of the 2016 referendum on membership of the European Union. When the country went to the polls, they heavily voted in favor of Boris Johnson, the Conservative Party, and their pledge to ‘Get Brexit done.’ People who wouldn’t usually vote for the Conservatives did so because they felt that the referendum result hadn’t been respected, and they wanted to teach the opposition parties a lesson. If the Democrats aren’t paying attention to this, they run the risk of the same thing happening to them.

With no realistic prospect of Trump being removed from office as a result of this impeachment, the Democrats may even have increased his chances of being re-elected. When the Senate clears him of all charges, he’ll be able to declare that he’s been vindicated and that the Democratic Party has wasted the nation’s time and money in pursuing a course of action that was never going to go anywhere. Trump will be portrayed as a great leader who has overcome injustice and adversity. The Democrats will be portrayed as desperate, grasping, and most importantly of all, failing and lacking in judgment. It’s not a good look to start an election year with, and it’s a position that’s likely to be almost impossible to recover from.

Whether or not Trump has actually done the things he’s accused of isn’t for us to say. We’ll have a chance to assess the evidence just as everybody else will when the matter proceeds to trial. We strongly suspect, though, that no matter what comes up at the witness box or in the paperwork, the Democrats will call it a smoking gun, and the Republican will call it immaterial. Everything is now so partisan that facts and evidence no longer seem to matter at all. These are dangerous political times, and care and nuance have never been more important when making big moves Unfortunately for the Democrats – and for reasons we may never fully understand due to the obvious futility of their impeachment efforts – the most significant move they’ve made in the past twelve months has been to shoot themselves in the foot before they’ve even started running.

Trapped in the Past? Moving Banking Beyond the Prison Paradigm

By Jouk Pleiter

Some banks are so established that, as customers, we think of them as part of the fabric of our lives; as immovable institutions. Maybe that was once the case. But the rise of a new, modern business environment is undermining that position. Apple pay and Facebook’s Libra are good examples of the market fracturing as big technology companies make strategic encroaches into finance. Similarly, digital-first challenger fintechs are driving consumer expectations to new heights. There is no room for complacency as incumbent businesses across the board are faced with the neo-reality that they must digitise or lose market share.

In some cases, banks are responding and innovating themselves, recognising that the landscape is shifting and they must shift with it. Others, though, have fallen for their own image, and remain convinced that they are in fact immovable institutions. They rely on shaky assumptions that the regulators will prove a block to the neobanks encroaching too far, and that inertia will keep customers sitting tight with their current providers.

Banks are responding and innovating themselves, recognising that the landscape is shifting and they must shift with it.

In other words, these banks see bars – bars keeping the neobanks out, and bars keeping customers in – a prison paradigm. They may find themselves in for a surprise when trends such as open banking and digital-first customer expectations will see customers move more willingly and freely than in the past. They may find that they are stuck with an outdated business model and mindset that no longer serves the market and sees them haemorrhage customers. They may, in fact, find that those bars were a more effective trap for the bank than the customer.

So – why is the prison paradigm so flawed – and what can banks do about it?

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About the Author

As the founder and CEO of Backbase, Jouk Pleiter has always stood on the forefront of digital innovation – growing Backbase into a globally recognised Digital-First Banking provider, improving the digital customer interactions of more than 120 financial institutions around the globe, including ABN AMRO, Barclays, RBC, Metro Bank, Discovery, Chebanca!, Keybank, Citizens, and many more.

What You Need to Do Today to Create a Secure Future

Have you ever thought about what will happen to you and your family if you can no longer work due to bad health or any other issue? A good present doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good future. You can work hard today, but how long can you do it. Even if everything goes great, we will inevitably get old. No matter how good you are doing today, you will have trouble maintaining your lifestyle in the future if you don’t plan it today. Here are a few things you need to do today to ensure a secure future for yourself and your family.


Identify What Needs Planning

Most people worry about three issues they might face in the future.

  • Bad health
  • Low quality of life
  • Financial security

Though all three are somewhat dependent on financial integrity, you have to plan all three from the days of your prime. Think if there are any other issues you might have to face in the future and start planning how they can be tackled.


Consider All Types of Insurances

There is insurance for everything, and its sole purpose is to provide help in difficult times. You can get life insurance to secure the future of your family in case of your departure. Some insurances bear your medical expenses and even pay if you are unable to work. Take time to thoroughly study all types of coverages and consider subscribing for ones that best meet your requirements.


Plan After Retirement Income

Most people don’t understand this, but we have to work today for tomorrow. You won’t have this energy you have today when you’re old. That’s why many people start saving money that they can spend after retirement without having to work. If you have a 401(k), that’s great; but if you don’t, consider opening an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Saving is, without a doubt, a great idea, but you can do even better by working smart. It is suggested to study a physical gold IRA, so you can also earn profits from your savings.


Maintain a Good Credit Score

Don’t spend more than you can afford. If you got yourself in debt, it will have a bad impact on your credit score. Today you can compromise on many little things like a small house, cheap car, old furniture etc. When you’re old, however, most of those little things become a necessity. If you have a bad credit score, you can say goodbye to any loan or investment you might need in the future. That’s not all, insurance companies charge you higher premiums if you have a bad credit history. Don’t spoil it for little things that aren’t a necessity.


Find Your Passion

What would you want to do when you’re old? You may not have the energy to do the job you’re doing now. On the other hand, many people don’t want to sit at home waiting for death even if they have a good source of income. That’s why you need to find your passion that can not only earn you a living but you also enjoy doing it. If it’s a new skill, start learning it. Make sure it is something you can do at an old age.

Generation VIP Online Casino


Generation VIP online casino is a fresh gaming platform founded in 2019. It has come up with new advancements and creativity in the gambling sector to fulfill the required needs to play better. Generation VIP is registered with the strongest license provider Malta Gaming Authority and get their games revised for better performance by iTech Labs.

Generation VIP is prospering well due to its capability of serving the players with a good selection of games, VIP rewarding schemes, promising returns of their investments and much more to suit players’ taste of gaming. Not only this the casino offers an extensive range of payment methods and accepts multiple currency exchange option that makes the experience so convenient, flexible and enjoyable. 

The gaming library is wrapping up all departments of playing and is offering more than 450 video slots games like Divine Fortune, Cosmic Fortune, and Redeem the Dream and many more tabletop games such as the popular one roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Most Reputed gaming providers are powering the system as mentioned in the list below:

  • NetEnt
  • Pragmatic Play
  • GameArt Studios
  • Red Tiger
  • Playson
  • Scientific Games (SG)
  • Booongo Games
  • Nolimit City
  • Just for the Win (JFTW)
  • Synot Games
  • iSoftBet
  • Booming Games
  • Triple Edge Studios

The Generation VIP online casino is supporting the most innovative and modern live dealer games backed by Evolution Gaming and never let the player lose interest while gaming. The options that you get in the live dealer games are:

  • Roulette (Immersive, Lightning)
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat (Baccarat Squeeze)
  • Dream Catcher

The VIP programs are the biggest attraction for any player slots in the field of gambling. Generation VIP casino has got a lot to offer to its players as they progress their way up to variant levels. The gamers start receiving offers and rewards soon after their sign-ups.  There are seven levels initiating from Beginner, Bronze, Silver VIP, Gold, Platinum VIP, and the last two Premium and Prestige levels are activated through invite-only option. Every progressing level has its own rewards that keep the player consistent and encourage like improved perks, better exchange rates for your points, free spins, express cashouts, monthly cashback and more. 

The most demanding feature by any player is to have the mobile casino because it provides the flexibility to enter the gaming session any time anywhere as per their availability. VIP Generation lets you play just by signing in through any device and you have the pleasure of playing anywhere anytime just by a click of a button, no hassle of downloading any app.   

The payment method at Generation VIP is most diverse since they offer a varied range of deposit and withdrawal options. Not only this the casino lets you choose from multiple currencies like NZD, EUR, GBP, NOK, SEK, USD, and CAD

The list of providers are stated under.


Deposit methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Trustly
  • ecoPayz
  • Trustly
  • Euteller
  • Zimpler
  • EasyEFT
  • Sofort
  • Instadebit
  • EPS
  • Bank transfers
  • Paysafecard


Withdrawal methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Trustly
  • ecoPayz
  • Trustly
  • Bank transfers

The customer care representatives are available around the clock to serve best to their customers via email, live chat, and phone. The operators are reachable between 06:00 to 23:00 GMT.

Who Is Exempted From GST?


The Goods and Services Tax system has marked a sea change in the way Indirect taxation is handled in the country. The pre-GST regime can be characterized by a bureaucratic and complex system that required a lot of effort on behalf of businesses to navigate successfully.

The pre-GST tax structure included many taxes and cesses like Octroi, VAT, and local taxes including entry taxes at the city level. The taxes were also in the offline format and controlled by multiple Government departments which made keeping track of changes difficult.

This changed with the introduction of the GST. The effect of GST on Indian Economy has been massive as it has been an all-encompassing change. GST is administered by the GST Council, which is a unified body that has the authority to control the GST system.

Almost all taxable persons are required to register for the GST system with some exceptions. One of the major gripes people had with the previous tax system was the burden which it placed on small businesses. This was kept in mind when the GST was introduced and there were exceptions for small businesses.

Besides small business, there are some exceptions for certain sectors in the economy due to the sectors being sensitive and important to the economy. There are many reasons why a business can be exempt from the GST. Some of the reasons are listed below:


1. Exemption Based On Aggregate Turnover

As mentioned earlier, the GST system was designed with ease of business in mind. In that respect, the GST has many exceptions for small businesses. Businesses that have an aggregated turnover of less than INR 40 lakhs are exempt from registering for the GST. Businesses that are based in the hilly regions like Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Himachal Pradesh, etc, the total aggregate turnover for GST exemption is lower at INR 20 lakhs. For businesses that are selling services, the aggregate turnover for being exempt for GST registration is INR 20 lakhs for non-hilly states and INR 10 lakhs for hilly regions. With respect to aggregated turnover, it includes the value of all taxable supplies as well as exempt goods and goods and services which were exported. Certain things are excluded from the calculation of aggregate turnover as well. The value of inward supplies of goods and services as well as the value of non-taxable supplies of goods and services.


2. Exemption On A Products Basis

The Government, when introducing the GST system had to keep in mind the social implications of such a tax. The implication of GST on Indian economy had to be analyzed carefully to make sure there were no adverse effects in the country, particularly to the poorer sections of society.

Keeping this in mind, the Government kept some goods and services outside the purview of the Goods and Services Tax altogether. Fresh produce like Potatoes, Onions, Lettuce, Cabbage, Tomatoes, etc was intentionally kept GST free so that food inflation did not get out of hand. Unprocessed foods, in general, have been kept outside the purview of the tax. Other products that are GST exempt are Fish, Meat, Eggs, Fruits and Dry fruits, etc. Certain supplies have also been kept outside GST for now, services which a charitable organization supplies, certain government services, labor services for the construction of the residential property, etc. the GST is a dynamic tax system and that needs to be kept in mind. The GST Council changes the tax rates and slabs from time to time in response to financial and economic news, so it is imperative to keep an eye on the GST circulars issued whenever there are any changes.


3. Sectoral Exemption

As mentioned earlier, certain sectors have been intentionally left outside the purview of the GST system due to them being sensitive sectors or they have a large impact on the economy. Sectors like the Petroleum sector which includes petroleum crude, high speed diesel, petrol or motor spirit, aviation turbine fuel and natural gas are very important for the economy and therefore does not attract any GST at all, it has its own set of taxation rules.

Another sector which is exempt from GST is Alcohol for human consumption. The individual states are charged with creating taxation policies for alcoholic beverages. The electricity similarly does not attract GST and has its own set of rules and regulations.



GST in Indian economy is a very important topic and had created quite a lot of controversy when it was first introduced. Although there were some hiccups when the GST was introduced, over time, many of the issues were ironed out and the policies are still being fine-tuned every now and then in response to events in the economy.

We can see that the Government has tried to keep in mind the average person when the tax was designed. The sectors which have been kept outside the purview of the GST might be included in the GST Act in the future, so it is very important to keep up to date with the changes being made.

My No Holds Barred, Unbiased, Unfiltered Timothy Sykes Review


Penny Stock trading is often promoted as a smart way for small traders to participate in the financial markets. Penny Stocks are stocks of small companies and they typically trade under $5 per share. Timothy Sykes is a well-known figure in the penny trading industry. He lives a glamorous lifestyle complete with an Instagram feed of exotic cars, global travel, posh mansions, and wads of cash. Interestingly, he also teaches people how to become successful penny stock traders and he supposedly has several millionaire students.

However, I asked some friends about him and the discussion was polarized on whether he is a successful penny stock trader or a charlatan making his money by selling a dream of financial prosperity.

After countless hours of research and not being any wiser, I decided that the best way to find out was to sign up and see for myself the quality of the penny stock trading education that he provides. This piece is a no-holds-barred, unbiased Timothy Sykes review detailing the good, bad, and ugly side gleaned from my first-hand experience of his training program.


Timothy Sykes Review: Who is this guy?

Timothy Sykes is reportedly a self-made multimillionaire who made his fortune trading penny stocks. According to his testimony, it all started when his parents gave him his $12,415 Bar Mitzvah gift money in what was supposed to be a learning experience for him. His parents figured that he will blow the money frivolously, but they were hoping that the experience will teach him about the finite nature of resources and the need to make intelligent financial decisions.

However, instead of spending the money on the latest fashion trends and gadgets, Tim first tried to trade the big stocks on Wall Street. And then he observed that his $12, 415 account was a tiny drop in Wall Street’s ocean. His portfolio was small and the results he was getting didn’t quite measure up to the energy and time he was expending.

He then started trading penny stocks and he discovered that he had a much better performance by riding the momentum of trending stocks. So, he devoted time to finding the most effective and efficient ways to trade penny stocks and he ended up turning that $12,415 into $1.65 million by the time he was a freshman. As at today, his lifetime trading profit is more than $5 million as seen in his PnL chart below.

Being a natural extrovert, Tim was always talking about his success with penny stocks and it wasn’t long before friends and family members started requesting that he teach them how to make money trading penny stocks. He eventually standardized his training program to provide penny stock trading education to people all over the world.


Timothy Sykes Review: What is his trading strategy

Timothy Sykes’s trading strategy is surprising in its simplicity, but it requires a great deal of self-discipline in its execution. Tim tends to build his strategy around technical analysis, but he is not oblivious to how fundamentals such as news events could move stocks in response to human nature.

I dare to say that Tim isn’t usually interested in the underlying business of his target stocks. If you are approaching penny stocks with an investor mindset, Tim will disappoint you. However, Tim has expertise in identifying penny stocks that are already on the move, buying them just when the momentum kicks off, and then selling them just before the momentum drops. Hence, Tim typically holds his positions for a few hours, and he rarely holds a stock for more than two days.

While this sounds incredibly simple, many people tend to fall in love with their winning stocks and they hold on to winners until the market snatches back all the gains they’ve made. On a personal note, Tim’s brash tough love teaching style has made me better at managing the emotions of fear and greed. If that’s the only thing you gain from Tim, it’s more than enough to make you a better trader.

Also, Tim has mastered the art of shorting penny stocks even though many traders and brokers make it seem as if it is impossible to short penny stocks.


Timothy Sykes Review: Training Programs and Packages

When I came across Timothy Sykes’ online courses, my first response was sceptical as I recalled the old saying: “in a gold rush, it is better to sell picks and shovels”. I was wondering if his training programs weren’t a cleverly disguised way to sell picks and shovels to people looking for metaphorical gold in the stock market.

However, after digging deeper, I came to realize that Tim is passionate about trading education, he sincerely wants other people to achieve financial freedom, and he is going out of the way to make the knowledge accessible to all. Of course, many of his content is gated and you’ll need to pay to access them, but he has hundreds of videos on his YouTube channel available for free if you’d rather not pay.

However, if you want a structured learning experience, Timothy Sykes offers three levels of trading education; namely, Tim’s Alerts, PennyStocking Silver, and Tim’s Challenge.

Tim’s Alert costs $74.95 per month but you can get a 24% discount if you sign up for the annual plan. You’ll have access to the chatroom, get up to 10 stocks on your watch list, and you’ll get real-time Email, SMS, and Push trade Alerts to enter or exit trades. From personal experience, the alerts are only useful if you got them and respond in the near-instant that they were sent. The market is constantly moving, and an hour-old alert may not be of much use to you if the trading price has moved up/down from the price suggested in the alert.

The Pennystocking Silver plan is much a better deal because it gives you access to a 6,000+ video library and weekly video lessons in addition to all the benefits available with Tim’s Alerts. PennyStocking Silver costs $149.95 per month but you can get a 28% discount with the annual plan.

The video lessons help you to understand the fundamental ideas behind each of Tim’s trades. Hence, even if you didn’t get the trade alerts immediately, you can still leverage the knowledge that you have gained to find better entry and exit points. Tim’s goal is to equip people with the knowledge to make independent trading decisions and he strongly discourages people from attempting to copy his trades blindly.

If you have more time to commit to trading and have a bit more money to spend on your trading education, you should consider applying to Tim’s Challenge. If you apply to Tim’s Challenge and scale through the interview process, you’ll be privy to a more immersive mentorship relationship with Tim.

You’ll have access to watch 16 premium DVDs such as PennyStocking, PennyStocking Part Deux, ShortStocking and Learn Level 2 among others. I sat down to do the maths and I discovered that the DVDs available in Tim’s Challenge have a total runtime of more than 180 hours. Apart from the DVDs, you’ll also get access to curated 60 Video Intro Course, chat and chat archives, webinars, and trade Commentary among others.

However, I must warn you that Tim’s Challenge is very demanding, I doubt that you can combine it will a full-time job because it requires you to put in serious time and efforts. However, if you can go through the program, you’ll potentially be on the path to joining the alumni list of Tim’s successful students.


Trading Tips for Beginners

Day trading tips for beginners can come in all shapes and sizes, which can cause a significant impact in one’s wealth. Each individual trader may want something very different—from free stock picks to stock tips for newbies. We’ve tried to collate a number of useful tips for those just starting out in the market, ranging from the top 10 ways to make money, to more advanced methods for building wealth through day trading, like the concept of leveraging and leverage trading, and the concept of momentum trading.

In the beginning, it can be difficult to find profitable strategies. A great starting point is simply to follow the news. Be it a news story regarding economic activity in the United States or European countries, or any other news, you’re bound to hear about stocks that are likely to rise or fall. This is a good place to start and a good place to get started.

Check the following trading tips for beginners:

  • A great strategy is simply to purchase a stock when there’s good news going on and sell when there’s bad news going on. However, this method can be risky and if you follow it religiously, you run the risk of losing everything. Therefore, a great place to start is to simply study up on the trends of the past, look at how the trends were affected by a number of variables, and try to discover how one particular trend was affected by a number of other factors.
  • Each trader is different, so it really depends on what you think is important to your own personal method of making a profit. In most cases, day trading for beginners’ tips include a number of different strategies. The most popular among these strategies is the use of leverage. Leverage is a means of borrowing stock from a company and selling it for a higher price. As the name suggests, it’s the ability to buy at a lower price than you can sell it for.
  • Of course, you do risk losing the whole sum if you sell the stock at a lower price than you bought it for, but it’s a great way to supplement your income through day trading with a little bit of extra cash every week.


Final Verdict: Is Timothy Sykes a scam or real?

The subject of whether Timothy Sykes is a scam or not is a regular fixture in penny stock trading circles. Based on my personal experience and the information available on Profitly, my verdict is that Tim is very much the real deal.

However, I dare to say that Timothy Sykes’ training is not meant for everybody. If you are looking for someone to tell you what stocks to buy/sell or if you want to be spoon-fed on when to buy/sell and at what prices, Tim Sykes won’t meet your needs. Also, I don’t think that Tim’s Alert plan is particularly worth the expense; Tim is rarely in the chatroom and you might be lost in the “noisy” chatroom if you don’t have some previous trading experience.

However, if you are ready to learn and willing to put in the hard work, Tim could set you on the path to taking responsibility for your trading journey and eventual success. Nonetheless, you should note that you aren’t likely to become an overnight millionaire by trading penny stocks. Some of Tim’s students have crossed the million-dollar mark but many more are stuck in the six-figure range. Success is attainable, but it won’t be handed to you on a platter of gold.

Happy Trading!

Agency for Innovation: How Luxinnovation supports Luxembourg’s economic development ambitions

Luxembourg takes advantage of its small size by being light on its feet when it comes to attracting investment and innovation to the country. Luxinnovation CEO Sasha Baillie recounts how her agency’s multi-faceted campaign plan spans industries, technologies and public and private sectors in pursuit of the government’s ambitious economic objectives.


Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us today. To start with, can you please give us an insight into how top-level business leaders like yourself kick-start a day? What are your tips for optimising daily productivity?

The most important thing is to be well surrounded. The accumulation of requests and the need to respond favourably to them very often mean that you have to rely on your employees to be able to gather all the key information relating to each of the files under review.

Based on a good briefing and relevant guidelines, it is easy to be able to make the right decisions at the right time. It also requires, of course, great flexibility and agility to be able to cope with any last-minute changes, as well as a clear mindset to be able to deal with dossiers that sometimes contain a very different content.


You became the CEO of Luxinnovation in 2018. How has it been so far? What are some of the important highlights or milestones of the agency under your leadership until now?

First of all, I had to immerse myself completely in the structure, which was facilitated by the fact that I can count on a very dynamic organisation of some 70 people with different professional and cultural skills and experience, with whom it is very stimulating to work.

We are a small country and one of our great advantages is the real accessibility to decision-makers.

It was then necessary to articulate the government’s approach, its economic development priorities and the diversification of the sectors of our economy, with the notions of innovation for which Luxinnovation lends its full support.

It was therefore first imperative to clarify what Luxinnovation is and what the agency is tasked to do. This could only be achieved by constantly listening – and still listening today – to understand the expectations that the country’s various economic players have of Luxinnovation, whether they be companies, from the smallest to the largest multinational groups, or public players, particularly in the field of research.

We must constantly understand their needs in order to understand what they expect, knowing that there is really a great diversity in these expectations.

This has led to a reorganisation of our services, with a resolutely customer-centric approach, which allows us to be even more responsive and efficient.


Maison de l’Innovation Building


Luxembourg is strategically located at the heart of Europe and is referred to as “the gateway to the European market”. What are the unique advantages and business opportunities in the Grand Duchy? What industries are most likely to be attracted to what Luxembourg has to offer?

We are a small country and one of our great advantages is the real accessibility to decision-makers. Combined with great agility, this allows us to make things happen quickly and pragmatically. This is an approach that is highly appreciated by companies from abroad.

We are attentive to the needs of companies and we know how to adapt and find solutions that meet these needs. Moreover, interactions between the private and public sectors are notably direct and are always part of a joint desire for efficiency.

In particular, we have identified three priority sectors on which we focus our efforts: automotive, cleantech and ICT. However, more broadly, we are also very committed to the development of initiatives around Industry 4.0. We know that this requires significant investments to integrate new technologies, artificial intelligence, the use of massive real-time data, the sustainable use of resources and, in this context, the development of new materials. This is also one of our priorities, in order to improve productivity and competitiveness.


Luxinnovation is a key and trusted partner for those who areinterested in – and committed to – launching successful innovative activities in Luxembourg, from entrepreneurs, managers of start-up companies and researchers to foreign enterprises and investors.

Luxinnovation is a key and trusted partner for those who are interested in – and committed to – launching successful innovative activities in Luxembourg. Can you describe Luxembourg’s innovative start-up ecosystem today?

Historically, this ecosystem has developed under the impetus of the public sector, with the establishment of the first incubators (Technoport, Ecostart) and support initiatives (via Luxinnovation, the Chamber of Commerce or through state subsidies).

However, in recent years, the private sector has also positioned itself strongly, with many investments and initiatives that have enabled the development of a complete ecosystem dedicated to the creation and acceleration of innovative start-ups. This ecosystem is now emerging on an international scale and we can see this with the high attendance at our pavilions at events such as VivaTech or the Web Summit in Lisbon.

The strength of this Luxembourg start-up ecosystem is based on the ability of public and private players to work together in the interests of entrepreneurs. The greater the proximity, the more efficient this ecosystem will be, as the emerging “seeds” will be quickly identified and efforts pooled to make them the success stories of tomorrow.


Luxinnovation offers a range of performance programmes (like Fit 4 Start, Fit 4 Innovation, etc.) that aim to support SMEs in developing their innovation activities. Can you tell us more about these programmes and share with us some of the best feedback that you have received from the programme participants?

These performance programmes are one of the pillars of our business. We undertake, with eligible companies, a 360° analysis of their situation, to fully understand their business and guide them towards appropriate solutions to improve their performance and, by the same token, their competitiveness. It is also about strengthening their capacity to innovate, develop and ensure their sustainability while sustainably increasing their activity.

We undertake, with eligible companies, a 360° analysis of their situation, to fully understand their business and guide them towards appropriate solutions to improve their performance and, by the same token, their competitiveness.

As I said earlier, our approach is customer- centric and is applied through these different programmes, whether it is for digitalisation (Fit 4 Digital), innovation capacity (Fit 4 Innovation), business model improvement (Fit 4 Growth), implementation of circular economy principles (Fit 4 Circularity) or improved customer services (Fit 4 Service).

These programmes are both unique and complementary; with the help of consultants, a diagnosis is established within the company and an action plan is then put in place to improve performance, with precise KPIs that guarantee the success of the programme.

These programmes are co-financed by the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry for Small and Medium Sized enterprises, which provides considerable government support for our companies.

Fit 4 Start is a little bit different; it is an acceleration programme for innovative start-ups. Twice a year, a 16-week coaching session is organised. For the edition that just started this autumn, more than 300 start-ups from all over the world applied and we selected 20 companies in the ICT, healthtech and space sectors.

The feedback we have is very positive, without going into detail.


Thanks to Luxinnovation, research and development and innovation have evolved in an unparalleled way in Luxembourg and probably even in international comparison over the past three decades”, said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy Étienne Schneider, in his opening speech to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Luxinnovation 14th November.

Long established as a world leader in the twin sectors of fund administration and private banking, Luxembourg is the eurozone’s leading financial centre and number 12 in the world. How does the agency help in fostering solutions to shape the future of financial services?

This more-specific component is provided by another national agency, Luxembourg for Finance (LFF), which is specifically dedicated to the development of the financial centre’s activities. It goes without saying that we work closely with LFF, as well as with the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT), housed in the House of Startups. We are in regular contact with entrepreneurs who have created solutions or applications for the financial sector and we obviously ensure the link with our various partners.


How will the rapidly developing financial technology start-ups in the country be likely to transform the current financial landscape of Luxembourg and globally?

The challenge for so-called “traditional” financial institutions is enormous. If they do not adapt and radically transform the way they operate by offering their customers the fluidity they can find in most of the other services they use today, they will very quickly be overtaken by other players.

However, since, at the same time, these banks have had to face a sharp increase in the costs associated with all the new regulations and legislation that have come into force, this has given the scope for fintech to develop and offer digital solutions for the entire financial sector. In particular, there is a special enthusiasm for regtechs, which work to facilitate the implementation of all these new regulations.

The creation of the LHoFT in 2016, which welcomes start-ups from all over the world and benefits from partnerships with prestigious international organisations, contributes to the dynamism of this ecosystem.


Green technology is one of the emerging industries nowadays. Can you share with us what are the inimitable advantages and features of Luxembourg’s green tech platforms? What are Luxinnovation’s initiatives to develop and encourage sustainability in Luxembourg’s business and financial sectors?

Promoting clean technologies and the transition to a circular economy is a priority in Luxembourg. The country is a strong advocate of sustainable development, in economic, ecological and social terms, with the implementation of policies to facilitate the adoption of clean technologies and products. We benefit here from an attractive economic environment for entrepreneurs who seek to create value while reducing pollution, waste and energy consumption.

Business opportunities are quite wide for companies in the cleantech sector in Luxembourg, knowing that facilitating the transition to a circular economy is a national priority.

Innovation and research in the fields of renewable energies, energy efficiency and smart cities, districts and buildings are among the areas in which we are involved, both with companies and with the University of Luxembourg or the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). The government’s programme also includes the upcoming creation of a centre of excellence around green technologies and the promotion of an ecosystem conducive to spin-offs/start-ups.

There is already an incubator dedicated to ecotechnologies, which opened a year ago in the south of the country, and for which we are partners.

Business opportunities are quite wide for companies in the cleantech sector in Luxembourg, knowing that facilitating the transition to a circular economy is a national priority. The demand for innovative solutions is, for example, stimulated by cradle-to-cradle construction projects and by the continuous conversion of former brownfield sites into ecological districts. There is also a clear focus on developing smart mobility and supporting developments in areas such as clean transport, shared mobility and intelligent transport systems.

Luxembourg also plays a pioneering role in the use of finance to achieve sustainable objectives. The Luxembourg Green Exchange is the first global platform exclusively dedicated to sustainable securities, with nearly half of the world’s green bond volume and an estimated one-third of sustainable and social bonds. The Luxembourg Finance Labelling Agency (LuxFLAG), an independent and international Luxembourg financial labelling agency, awards a responsible investment label to investment vehicles.

In the latest edition of the Global Green Finance Index, Luxembourg ranks fourth (after Amsterdam, London and Zurich, out of 64 financial centres) and more specifically second only to Amsterdam in terms of green finance “penetration”.

It is also for all these reasons that our country has been chosen to host the Cleantech Forum Europe in 2020 (on 18-20 May 2020), an international event that will bring together for three days the best of the best in Europe in this sector.


Luxembourg’s forward-thinking regulators and partnership with other countries for the exploration of space resources make the country a hub for technological advancement. Recently, Luxembourg joined Russia in the field of space innovation, extending its expertise and a global network of partners in scientific cooperation and research. How do these developments help Luxembourg position itself as the global leader and the centre of space business?

It is not only with Russia that we have signed partnerships. This was the case with China and the United States. Wilbur Ross, the US Secretary of Commerce even came to Luxembourg in person to sign such an agreement.

In the coming years, Luxinnovation will have to inspire our companies to innovate, to grow in an intelligent way and to prepare themselves well for the challenges of the future, with new and partly also disruptive technologies.

It would be pretentious to position ourselves as a world leader and centre of the space industry, but we are clearly positioning ourselves as a major player in this “New Space” industry. We want to attract companies active in this field to Luxembourg and by this means create a hub of experts. We have already set up a chair and university training in this area. The “New Space” sector will undergo profound disruption in the coming years and Luxembourg is already playing a role in these changes.

The Director of the European Space Agency perceives Luxembourg as a pioneer in this field and this autumn we also just signed agreements with NASA and the ESA.


Fit 4 Start participants benefit from the support of specialised coaches as well as from the mentorship of the experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists that make up the                                                        selection jury.


What are the agency’s short-term and long-term plans for the country’s economic development and innovation capabilities? Where do you see the agency in the next five to ten years?

More than ever, we want to be recognised by companies and entrepreneurs as a trusted partner for them, enabling them to find pragmatic solutions for their innovative development projects.

We have formidable diverse and complementary skills. If we can communicate well with each other, if we can dialogue, if we can bring out these skills, we will make exceptional progress.

Luxembourg promotes networking, confidence-building and the implementation of joint projects. This is an advantage we have over other countries. In addition, Luxinnovation must be an essential link in this collaborative approach.

In the coming years, Luxinnovation will have to inspire our companies to innovate, to grow in an intelligent way and to prepare themselves well for the challenges of the future, with new and partly also disruptive technologies.

We would like to be the aggregator of all the players of economic development so that they all join forces to advance the country in a sustainable way.

Our ambition is to be a facilitator of synergies and to bring added value to the country’s economy, whether at the national level or by promoting the country internationally, by enhancing the strengths of our economy and by encouraging companies around the world to carry out projects with us here.


What are the key messages you would like to get across to industries and businesses that are wondering about the status quo of Luxembourg’s investment and business opportunities in today’s global environment of political and economic uncertainty and volatility?

First of all, I would like to tell them that, as far as stability is concerned, Luxembourg is positioned comparatively at the forefront, whether in political, social or fiscal terms. This is obviously a highly valued asset for foreign investors – not to mention that the country is also among the safest in the world.

As far as stability is concerned, Luxembourg is positioned comparatively at the forefront, whether in political, social or fiscal terms. This is obviously a highly valued asset for foreign investors – not to mention that the country is also among the safest in the world.

Many international benchmarks also show the country’s attractiveness in terms of the business climate: the country has the second highest level of productivity in the world behind Norway, according to a study by the Conference Board Productivity Brief and is also considered by U.S. News & World Report’s 2019 “Best Countries” study as the most open country for business, due to its favourable tax environment, the government’s transparent and business-friendly approach and the low level of corruption.

Throughout its history, Luxembourg has always held a strategic position as a crossroads of nations. Over the centuries, the country has encountered many influences and struggles of occupation and to survive, it has had to endure, observe and understand. We have maintained this habit and we are trying to foresee the challenges ahead and are working to adapt to them.


Luxembourg comes out on top in a recent study of cities in the world that offer employees the best working conditions. As the president of the agency, how do you keep yourself happy and motivated whilst looking after your employees’ well-being?

You have to listen to your employees, give them the opportunity to express themselves, to evolve, to contribute to the company’s results. I am convinced that a participatory approach is not only rewarding and stimulating for employees, but is also an essential vehicle for innovation and progress.


On a lighter note, we are interested to know what the top things or activities are that a high-calibre business leader like yourself does to recharge her batteries during a day off from work.

It is always very difficult to disconnect completely from work, but family time spent with my children is naturally a very valuable breath of fresh air. I really appreciate these special moments, whether at home or while travelling, in surroundings that help one revitalise, and also in the company of good friends.


To end this interview, would you share with us your views about the important business and technology trends to watch out for in the coming years?

I am convinced that the economy will be fundamentally transformed by access to data and opportunities to develop new business models. Countries that can ensure through the establishment of reliable and secure data-exchange platforms that public and private data can be shared and valued while ensuring that privacy and individual freedoms are maintained are those that will enjoy a favourable economic development in the future.


Thank you very much Ms Baillie. It’s a pleasure speaking with you. We learned a lot.

Luxinnovation offers a wide portfolio of services to companies and public research organisations in order to foster innovation, thus supporting the Government’s economic development objectives. The agency also ensures that Luxembourg continues to attract international investment, companies and skills that are a perfect fit for the country


Executive Profile

Sasha Baillie is also a member of the Coordination Committee of the Ministry of the Economy, which she joined in 2014 as Deputy Chief of Staff and Diplomatic Advisor of the Deputy Prime Minister, following her 20-year career as a Luxembourg diplomat.
Within the Ministry of the Economy, Sasha Baillie ran the initiative to reform Luxembourg’s economic promotion that led to the creation in June 2016 of the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Board. She also chaired the Luxembourg Nation Branding Committee until 2019 and steered the work that led to the creation in 2015 of LuxGovSat (a joint venture between the Luxembourg Government and SES) where she serves as Chair of the Board.