Monument Trading Alliance Review: Is It Legit?

Monument Trading Alliance Review Is It Legit

Are you curious about Monument Traders Alliance and whether it lives up to its claims? Many people have been asking if it’s a scam or a reliable advisory service. In this Monument Traders Alliance review, we’ll dive into the details and give you an unbiased assessment.

We’ll explore their three flagship offerings and provide a thorough analysis of both positive and negative reviews associated with the advisory.

Led by industry veterans Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla, Monument Traders Alliance aims to rekindle “the Lost Art of Smart Speculation.” But does this online advisory service truly deliver on its promises? Let’s find out in this comprehensive Monument Traders Alliance review!

What Is Monument Traders Alliance?

Monument Traders Alliance, is a prominent financial research firm based in Baltimore.  At the core of Monument Traders Alliance’s mission is providing traders with the necessary tools and insights to sharpen their skills and navigate the market effectively.

Monument Traders Alliance strongly believes in the power of calculated and precise speculations to achieve trading success. Their goal is to equip traders with the knowledge and strategies needed to make intelligent decisions while avoiding common pitfalls in the market.

The co-founders, Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla, bring their extensive experience and expertise to the table. Bryan Bottarelli, with a background in options trading, has achieved remarkable returns and previously founded Bottarelli Research.

Karim Rahemtulla, known for his LEAPS trading approach, has a wealth of experience in both domestic and international markets and has contributed to reputable publications like The Oxford Income Letter.

With a strong emphasis on education, analysis, and providing actionable insights, Monument Traders Alliance aims to empower traders and help them navigate the dynamic world of trading successfully.

Monument Traders Alliance Services

Here are some of the services offered by Monument Traders Alliance that lead some to believe they are one of the best investment newsletters:

  • The War Room: The flagship program of Monument Traders Alliance, providing real-time trade advice every day, allowing subscribers to act on timely recommendations and interact with a community of traders.
  • Trade of the Day: A free newsletter delivered on weekdays, providing updates, analyses, and special video episodes discussing market behavior.
  • Weekly Trade Recommendations: Each Wednesday, Trade of the Day Plus provides hand-picked trade recommendations with buy and sell instructions, accompanied by a full profit plan for executing the trades.
  • The Last Great Value Stock Bonus Reports: Members of Trade of the Day Plus receive bonus reports, including “The Last Great Value Stock,” which provides in-depth research and analysis on the featured value play, and “My Favorite Small Cap Play for 2022,” which highlights a small-cap company with the potential for doubling in value.
  • IPO Buying Guide 2022: An additional bonus report that offers insights and guidance on investing in IPOs, helping subscribers capitalize on companies experiencing explosive growth.

Monument Traders Alliance Review: The Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly website with easy navigation
  • The War Room offers daily real-time advice and updates on the online platform
  • Subscribers have the opportunity to interact with each other within the platform
  • Access to real-time actionable advice
  • Online community of traders for sharing insights and experiences
  • Trade of the Day newsletter is free


  • Limited range of services compared to other platforms
  • Some subscribers have expressed concerns about overpromising by Monument Traders Alliance
  • Feedback from subscribers indicates that other services may serve as pitches for The War Room
  • Being a relatively new service, it lacks a long track record
  • Limited service offerings may not meet the needs of all traders
  • Some find the pricing to be expensive compared to the available services

Monument Traders Alliance Alternatives

If you’re not convinced that Monument Traders Alliance is the right fit for you after reading our review, don’t worry. There are other research tools available to cater to different trading preferences.

For those involved in book trading and seeking a competitive edge, Jigsaw Trading is an excellent resource. Although it comes at a relatively higher cost, experienced traders have found tremendous success with Jigsaw Trading. Discover more about their offerings in this detailed Jigsaw Trading review.

If your goal is to access comprehensive educational content specifically tailored for day traders, Humbled Trader is a fantastic option. Find out how this popular YouTuber is empowering traders to achieve their financial objectives by reading this informative Humbled Trader review.

Final Thoughts

Monument Traders Alliance offers a range of services aimed at helping traders make informed decisions and achieve success in the stock market. With their innovative approach and experienced team, they provide valuable insights and actionable recommendations.

If you’re looking for a resource that combines real-time advice, community interaction, and educational content, Monument Traders Alliance may be worth considering. To explore their services and take your trading journey to the next level, click here to get started with Monument Traders Alliance today.

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