Markets1 Review – Market Leader in Many Fronts


Overview Markets1

Markets1 is a leading broker on many fronts. The high-ranking broker has a wide range of offers and features for almost every type of trader or investor. Some noticeable features include comprehensive stock trading, responsive customer support, and low-cost offers. 

This review will help you decide whether Markets1 is the right broker for you. The broker review will focus on their product offerings, main features, usability, and pros and cons.

Markets1 Product Offerings 

Markets1 is an all-rounded broker. The broker offers almost every trading and investment asset you might expect. The products include over 6,000 stocks, over 15 cryptocurrency pairs, over 20 forex pairs, ETFs, bonds, mutual funds, options, and commodities. There is hardly any investment or trade opportunity that you will miss.

Worth noting is that the broker constantly updates the product mix. And this means that you may find that there are 15 forex pairs today but get 20 tomorrow. That’s important for keen traders who want the best opportunities available. The broker constantly updates the product offerings and ensures that customers get new opportunities.

Markets1 Main Features

Trading Experience

Trading on Markets1 is superb for several reasons. First, the broker has simple and user-friendly trading platforms. The web-based platform is the easiest to use and allows beginners to trade. Its intuitive design enables traders to navigate through, find what they want, and place orders effectively. 

There is also a mobile platform that users can use on their Apple, Android, or Windows devices. The mobile app provides the same functionalities as the web version. However, it is suitable for mobile users. For example, the tabs are minor, and users can choose an appearance they like. 

Trading is simple. After logging in and signing in to your account, you will find a ‘ticket’ button that, upon pressing, displays the different types of order tickets. After picking your order ticket, you press ‘sell’ or ‘buy’ and follow the simple prompts to trade. The sign-up process is also simple, straightforward, and short.

Low Cost 

Markets1 has several strategies to ensure low-cost trading. To begin with, opening an account is entirely free. But before you brush that aside as something common among brokers, the broker does not have a minimum deposit requirement. Most brokers impose a minimum deposit to start trading. With no minimum deposit, you can begin buying and selling with any amount, including $20. And this is a perfect condition for beginners.

Additionally, Markets1 does not charge a commission on ETFs and stocks. And this gives significant advantages to traders interested in these trade areas. Their returns tend to be high because of low cost. Also, this is a good thing for beginners. Charging commissions on these trade assets would discourage beginner traders with little money.

Customer Support

Markets1 understands the value of customer support to online traders and investors. That is why you will find a variety of channels to access customer support. While using the web and mobile platforms, you can access customer support via live chat, email, and phone calls. However, the broker has a reliable customer support team accessible via email, chat, or phone.


Markets1 ensures a simple trading experience from the start. With the free and simple registration, you get your trading account to use as soon as possible. Remember, there is no minimum deposit required. 

Trading is also made simple by the simple structures and designs of both trading platforms. To ensure functionality is maintained, the web-based and mobile-based trading platforms don’t have unnecessary features. For example, no pop-up adverts cause unnecessary disruption during trading.

Finally, the broker caters to traders from different parts of the world with various languages. That means you can quickly get the necessary support anytime to enjoy a seamless trading experience.

Markets1Pros & Cons


  • Amazing trading experience
  • Low-cost broker
  • Brilliant customer support
  • Access to many trades and investment areas
  • Supports various currencies
  • Multiple types of orders 


  • No demo functionality for new traders

Markets1 Verdict

Markets1 is your broker of choice if you are looking for a robust, customer-focused, and low-cost broker. Nevertheless, contact them for more information and guidance in boosting profits from your trading activity. 

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