November – December 2013

International Law Sovereignty, Self-defence And Colonialism Antony Anghie The United Nations Charter and Extra-State Warfare: The U.N. Grows Up Charles H. Camp & Theresa Bowman   Global Economy From Deep...

September – October 2013

Global Business The New Competition: Brands from Emerging Markets Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp Frontier Markets: Old Acquaintances, New Opportunities Tomás Guerrero Economics The Social Theory of Contemporary Capitalism Partha Chatterjee Writing Theory...

July – August 2013

Sustainability Fast Fashion, Luxury Brands, and Sustainability Annamma Joy Will Sustainable Development Stay With Us? Kees Zoeteman Wise up to Water Risks at the 2013...

May – June 2013

World Confronting the New Reality: Globalisation, the Global Financial Crisis and the State John Farrar & David Mayes A 'Sigh of Relief' at Davos: Confidence...

March – April 2013

Finance Can Financial Innovations Mitigate Civil and Ethnic Conflict? Saumitra Jha Mortgage Lending Solutions for Troubled Markets Anna DeSimone   Global Economy How the Great Moderation Became a (Contained)...

January – February 2013

Technology Why Information Providers Need To Be Open To Sharing in Their Business Models Joshua Gans Enterprise Risk Management. A need to hasten the obliteration...

November – December 2012

Global Business Global Enterprise 2020 – A Blueprint Anil K. Gupta & Haiyan Wang Century Champions Christian Stadler Leadership Leadership By Example: The Ten Key Principles of...

September – October 2012

Business Writing a Manifesto for Better Management Rafael Andreu & Josep M. Rosanas Logistics Clusters: The Feedback Loop Leading to Economic Growth and Jobs Yossi...

July – August 2012

Business Repeatability: How Companies Create Enduring Businesses in a World of Constant Change Chris Zook and James Allen Managing Business Risks from HR Sourcing Peter Cappelli Innovation The Big...

May – June 2012

Leadership Leadership, Power and Contextual Intelligence Joseph S. Nye   World Economy The Trend of History is Bigger than the Business Cycle Philip Auerswald 99 to 1: How Wealth Inequality...


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