May – June 2012

Leadership, Power and Contextual Intelligence
Joseph S. Nye


World Economy
The Trend of History is Bigger than the Business Cycle
Philip Auerswald

99 to 1: How Wealth Inequality Is Wrecking the World and What We Can Do About It
Chuck Collins


Welcome to the Post-American World: Barack Obama, US Foreign Policy and the 2012 Election
Robert Singh

Immigration Policy and Executive Power at Loose Ends: The Case of the US
Philip Kretsedemas


North Rhine-Westphalia: First choice for foreign investors in Germany

Law and Religion in a Secular Europe
Lorenzo Zucca


Will China Inevitably Develop Powerful Global Brands? 3 Possible Scenarios
Howard Yu

Basel I, II, III – We Want It All at Once
Violaine Cousin

Middle East
Financial Transformation to Sustain the Arab Firestorm
Nasser Saidi

S P Jain receives four Top 10 rankings: Financial Times, Global MBA Rankings 2012


The Hockey Stick and Climate Wars
Michael E. Mann

The Green Paradox
Hans-Werner Sinn


What Does It Mean for an Executive to “Make” $1 Million?
David F. Larcker, Allan McCall, & Brian Tayan

A Golden Opportunity?
Andy Simpson

Category Killers
Rajiv Lal & Jose Alvarez

Reinventing Management for the Facebook Generation
Gary Hamel

Tides and Ebbs in Idea Generation in Teams: Why Some Teams Lose Creative Steam over Time?
Kandarp Mehta