March – April 2013

Can Financial Innovations Mitigate Civil and Ethnic Conflict?
Saumitra Jha

Mortgage Lending Solutions for Troubled Markets
Anna DeSimone


Global Economy
How the Great Moderation Became a (Contained) Depression and What to Do About It
Barry Z. Cynamon, Steven M. Fazzari & Mark Setterfield

Governance of International Banking: The Financial Trilemma

Dirk Schoenmaker

Trade Imbalances and the Global Financial Crisis

Michael Pettis


What Is Global Leadership?
Sebastian Reiche, Mark E. Mendenhall, Allan Bird, & Joyce S. Osland


The Role of Urban Spaces in the Creation of Value
Martha Schwartz

Corporate Social Responsibility Does Not Avert the Tragedy of the Commons – Case Study: Coca-Cola India
Aneel Karnani

A Tale of Two Games: Global Strategies of Multinational Companies in China’s E-commerce Market
Xin Wang & Justin Ren


Law and the Technologies of the Twenty-First Century
Roger Brownsword & Morag Goodwin

Reimagining Enterprise IT for an Uncertain Future
Jeanne G. Harris, Allan E. Alter, Stéphane J.G. Girod & Iris A. Junglas


Which Global Luxury Trends for the Coming Years?
Jeanne G. Harris, Allan E. Alter, Stéphane J.G. Girod & Iris A. Junglas

Social Media Change the Name of the Game in the Tourismand Hospitality Industries
Ulrike Gretzel, Marianna Sigala & Evangelos Christou

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