May – June 2013

Confronting the New Reality: Globalisation, the Global Financial Crisis and the State
John Farrar & David Mayes

A ‘Sigh of Relief’ at Davos: Confidence and Caution Shared Center Stage
Michael Useem

Fair Lending Compliance for Mortgage Lenders – An International Concern
Anna DeSimone

The Impact of Hedge Fund Regulation: An International Perspective
Douglas Cumming, Na Dai & Sofia Johan

Implementing Smarter Cities Through Better Governance
Joan Enric Ricart, Pascual Berrone, Juan Manuel Barrionuevo &Asun Cano Escoriaza


Regional Innovation: How To Be Smart, Sustainable and Robust
Michele Mastroeni, Joyce Tait & Alessandro Rosiello

Smaller Cities Embrace Smart Specialisation – The Exeter Success Story

Karma Matters: Business Sustainability is Beyond Just Lasting!
Jayantee Mukherjee Saha & Chris Rowley


Canadian Foreign Aid Enters the Twenty-First Century
Stephen Brown


Putting Research into Use (RIU); Technology Development for the Poor Farmer in Low Income Countries
Norman Clark


Business & Sustainability
The Eco-Business Market Advantage
Peter Dauvergne & Jane Lister

Luxury and Sustainability: Trade-offs and Synergies in the Hotel Industry
Annie R. Pearce, Yong Han Ahn, & Young Oh Choi

A World on Purpose
Joey Reiman

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