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The World Bank and Neoliberalism: Continuity and Discontinuity in the Making of an Agenda

By Howard Stein Since the latter part of the 1990s the World Bank has increasingly claimed its main focus is on poverty reduction and development....

The Responsibility to Protect: Reading Ethical Responsibilities Into the Rule of Law

By Charles H. Camp and Theresa B. Bowman The scope and source of permissible use of force in response to a humanitarian crisis frames a...

Guerilla Incursions from the Boondocks: “Anti-Americanism” in the Philippines. President Duterte’s Subaltern Counter-Hegemony

By E. San Juan Jr.   “A howling wilderness” was what General Jacob Smith ordered his troops to make of Samar, Philippines. He was taking revenge...

The Dirty War on Syria: No Popular Uprising

By Tim Anderson The world has been deceived over the conflict in Syria. It was always a ‘regime change’ dirty war and never a popular...

America’s Never-Ending War in the Middle East

By Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett While President Obama continues – at least for now – to resist redeploying large numbers of U.S. soldiers...

Development Strategies, Identities and Conflict in Asia

By Natalia Mirovitskaya and William Ascher Development strategies in Asian countries that are meant to increase peace and economic stability are often linked to inter-group...

America’s Shale Revolution and the Dangerous Myth of Energy Independence

By Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett Proponents of energy independence enshrine America’s so-called “shale revolution” as a geopolitical game changer, enabling the United States...

The New Scramble for Africa

By Pádraig Carmody Something has certainly changed in the intervening years in Africa, and in its relations with the outside world, even if excessive pessimism...

From Deep Globalisation to the Risk of Deglobalisation: the Rise of Local-Contentism

By Marcos Troyjo As the world transitions from ‘Deep Globalisation to Deglobalisation’, economic policies based on a ‘Doctrine of Local Content’ take center stage. As...

Refugees and Refugee Crises: Some Historical Reflections

By Peter Gatrell The current Syrian refugee crisis provides an opportunity to look beyond the headlines and to locate it in a broader historical context....

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