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How To (and Not To) Navigate between US and China 

By Dan Steinbock The first 18 months of the Duterte government suggest that the effort to recalibrate the Philippines’ ties between the US and China...

Germany vs. Iran – Has Germany Sold Out to the Devil?

By Peter Koenig Madame Angela Merkel – the head of Europe’s strongest economy, of the leader of the European Union, said that there was strong...

Trump’s Asia Tour: From Old Conflicts to New Prospects

By Dan Steinbock                                       Trump’s gruelling 12-day...

The Study of International Political Economy

By Kalim Siddiqui I. Introduction The study of the international political economy refers to an interdisciplinary academic subject area of study that analyses economics, politics and...

Development Strategies, Identities and Conflict in Asia

By Natalia Mirovitskaya and William Ascher Development strategies in Asian countries that are meant to increase peace and economic stability are often linked to inter-group...

Oscillating Nationalism in an Era of Trump and Putin

By Glen Duerr At odds with each other for half a century, American and Russian nationalist animosity thawed with the end of the Cold War....

Writing Theory from the South: The Global Order from an African Perspective

By Jean Comaroff & John L. Comaroff Western thought has, from the first, regarded the non-West as a place of antiquarian traditions and unprocessed data....
central asia

Central Asia Prepares for Taliban Takeover

By Gavin Helf, Ph.D. and Barmak Pazhwak  As U.S. and NATO forces drew down their military presence in Afghanistan this Summer, the country’s northern neighbors witnessed Taliban fighters...

US-China History and Where We Are Today

By Ann Lee The direction of US-China relations under the Trump Administration has been a popular topic of speculation. While forecasts are by definition a...
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Ukraine War and the Ghost of Clausewitz 

By Dr. Jack Rasmus  “This week, February 24, 2024 marks the beginning of the third year of the war in Ukraine. Hundreds, if not thousands,...

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