The Best Free Backlink Checkers Tools Online


Obtaining quality backlinks at your website is an ideal way to boost your page rankings and grab more visibility in search engine results. Well, the most preferable and popular way to get satisfactory backlinks is to dig into your competition and catch sight of where your competitors are obtaining their links. Presently, you can effortlessly locate backlinks by utilizing the multiple online tools accessible on the web.

There exist both paid and free choices to support you in the world of competition. But, here we’re going to discuss the top 5 free backlink checker tools. 

If you truly wish to lead ahead of your rivalry and want to attain success, just geared-up yourself because we are getting into the flow of knowledge!

What is the Importance of Backlinks?

Before knowing about tools, it is recommended to be clear on the importance of backlinks! In simple words, Backlinks is a meaningful ingredient of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as it helps boost the organic traffic of a particular website. Well, generally, backlinks are the links from outer sites referring to your webpages.

They are the main stuff for ranking higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP); that’s the reason successful websites pay attention to generating high-quality backlinks. And in short, they are significant for verifying to Google the energy, quality, and originality of your content.

Suppose you’re a newbie and wish to boost your domain authority. In that case, you need to stay focused on producing quality backlinks. Now, it’s time to talk about the best backlink checker tools!

5 Cost-Free Backlink Checkers Compared best for 2021

After lengthy research, we have gathered the most reliable tools in one spot! Just scroll a little down and look at the list and analysis!

SearchEngineReports — Backlinks Checker

This is a 100% free backlink checker that provides detailed data about who is linking to your opponents, how well content is performing as an outcome of those links, and what pages are circulated most frequently. The best thing about this backlink counter is it specifies alternatives for links and discovers the types of content that can fascinate the most links.

Suppose you need a platform that can enable you to build normal and applicable backlinks. In that case, we will suggest you Backlink Checker by SearchEngineReports. This amazing online utility service can create productive and relevant backlinks for you within a minute. This place is totally free of charge and extremely straightforward to operate. You can build numerous free backlinks and can also check the materialistic details by just clicking on CHECK MY BACKLINKS button!


So, here enters the master of backlink checker tools! This is the oldest and most powerful open Site Explorer that is supposed to be the promising tool accessible for backlink calculation. It provides you the number of links for a website. The complete data includes the newest links, page authority, the spam record, and DA (domain authority).

Free scans only bring you so much knowledge. The paid searches allow you to operate endless reports, trace links over a period, and much more.


Here comes another popular tool that is currently standing third in the top list! SEMRush offers you a ton of valuable details about any URL that you provide. The information that you can fetch includes the backlinks referring to the site and backlink building. You can trace numerous competitor websites and obtain detailed data about the links. You will need to get registered for a premium (paid) account for this intention. However, It’s working methods are quite good, and the features it offers are 100% handy. This place also gives you safe and limited searches for free.

Rank Signals

This backlink checker helps the way many different checkers do, just by putting in a URL and instantly obtaining a link profile. However, the data required is much more comprehensive, involving analyses of links by date, traffic, context, areas, and further. You can similarly operate this tool to examine what links must be eliminated to boost your page status. Well, there exist multiple filters to assist you in constructing the data the kind you wish.

Buzz Sumo

This place is built mainly to keep an eye on rivals. It provides you data like the total amount of links, the page rank, the anchor text utilized, and more. If we talk about its credibility, then one thing must be clear: it is a high-level performer that never compromises quality. Also, being a free tool, it doesn’t let you down in any condition.

Besides, you can easily access this tool from anywhere, at any time. No matter which device or browser you are using!


One of the features of the Sitechecker SEO platform is the Backlink Checker. Using this tool, you can analyze the backlinks profile of your site and find all the backlinks and their anchors. You will also find out the ratio of dofollow and nofollow links and the best pages on your site by backlinks.

This tool is also great for analyzing your competitors’ backlinks.

Mind it! Backlinks are just like building, a bridge to the path of success! Luckily, you can use online tools for this purpose. So, Cash this time now!

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