The 7 Most Reliable Used Cars in the UK


Used cars are sometimes seen as less reliable compared to new cars. Unless you buy a used car from a dealer, or it still has some of the manufacturer’s warranty left, there is no protection if the car turns out to have a major fault. It’s very much a case of buyer beware when you go with a private sale. At the very least, you should take the car for a test drive. Before taking a car on a test drive, you must have test drive insurance. The other option is to rent the car from MPV rentals, a specialist 7 seater car hire company. The time you spend in the equivalent rental car, can substitute for a test drive.  You should also make sure to get your Uber car insurance to protect you from financial loss in the event of an accident or theft.

When creating a shortlist of makes and models, pay attention to those deemed more reliable, as very often they will be a better buy. Data published by WhatCar has revealed the most reliable used cars this year, so read on to learn which car brands are worth your money. 


The much-loved Suzuki Vitara is a champion among used cars. Newer Vitaras, those aged from 2015 to 2022, are 100% reliable. Don’t dismiss other cars in the Suzuki range, as they are all very reliable and age well. Suzuki scored an impressive 97 percent in the reliability stakes, so all Suzukis are a good buy.


If a second-hand prestige car is on your shopping list, you could do a lot worse than a Lexus. Lexus cars age well and are known for their immaculate engineering. As such, Lexus scored 93.6 percent overall, with the Lexus CT coming out on top. 


Toyota is the parent company of the Lexus brand, so it should come as no surprise that Toyota is #4 on the list of most reliable used cars. Toyota sells a lot of hybrid cars, but this hasn’t impacted its durability. The Toyota Yaris is the best and most reliable car in the range, with a score of 98.5 percent.


Honda is another Japanese carmaker, and it too is super reliable. Quality standards are high on all Hondas, so it is rare to have issues with older models. This means any used Honda is likely to be trouble-free. Overall, Honda has a reliability rating of 92.4 percent, but the Honda CRV comes out on top with a rating of 95.8 percent. 


Next up we have Kia, Korea’s oldest car manufacturer, founded in 1944. Kia offers a good range of models, but the Kia Sportage, a nifty little SUV, is very reliable. Shop for diesel models 2016-2021 or petrol models 2010-2016. 


Mazdas are attractive cars and reliable to boot. The best used Mazda in terms of reliability is the Mazda 3.  Look for cars built between 2014-2019 for the best reliability. such as Paretti Mazda.


And here we have another reliable Korean car manufacturer – Hyundai. Go for the i40 if you want a smart, reliable family car.

Shopping for a Used Car

Once you have decided which model is for you, start shopping around. The average used car dealer Liverpool, such as Wavertree Car Centre, usually has dozens of vehicles for sale at any given time, so you can afford to be picky. Check whether the vehicle you like has a full dealer service history and has been MOT’d and serviced. If not, try somewhere else. 

Finally, it’s worth noting that the least reliable used cars are Bentleys, Audis, and BMWs. Unless you have deep pockets, it’s probably wise to stay away from these three. 

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