Online Blackjack 2020 Trends

We are in 2020, and online blackjack and the whole gambling industry are already making several leaps into various sectors. First, the online gambling industry is to reach a net worth of more than 60 billion US dollars with a forecast to grow into a $94 billion industry by 2024.

It means various games such as online Blackjack will get a chance to compete for its fair share from this piece of cake. Yet, to do so, online Blackjack must start creating more capturing and innovative online gambling experience.

For casinos, it means to incorporate new ideas such as innovative technology, alternative banking, and virtual currencies into their business model. It will enhance their outreach to a new market of gamblers as well as improve their customer services.

5 Trends for Online Blackjack to Lookout for In 2020

Here are the top five trends that online Blackjack and the rest of the virtual gambling industry must adapt to in 2020.

1.  Cryptocurrency Transactions

You must have heard of the terms ‘blockchain’ and ‘cryptocurrency’ by now. You may be more familiar with the term ‘Bitcoin,’ but do you not understand or feel confused as to what the fuss is all about?

In simpler terms, blockchain is an online technology that incorporates several non-editable blocks that are time-stamped and managed by multiple computers. It means it does not have a specific or central location. Computers around the world use cryptography to secure these virtual data blocks.

Many leading casinos have already incorporated this technology into their operations in recent years after the emergence and popularity of blockchain technology. The most notable application of this technology is in the payment and banking arena.

Blockchain uses payouts using a smart contract, making it easier, faster, and safer for both you and the casinos to process payments than fiat currencies.

As far as security is concerned, online Blackjack players no longer require providing their sensitive personal information and banking information, etc. when making bonusy bez depozytu. Since multiple computers at various locations hold all the information, it is virtually impossible to access or even manipulate data.

This way, you know whether all online Blackjack games meet transparency and fairness standards. Thus, as cryptocurrency continues to become popular amongst the online gambling industry, both online casinos and players must look into it as the new alternative for a safe virtual gambling experience.

2.  Increase in Live Dealer Games

Before the evolution of technology, gamblers used to lock brick-and-mortar casinos. Apart from slots, players were most interested in playing games such as Blackjack. However, rapid technology advancements within such a short duration have moved both casinos and players online.

Table games are featuring human dealers, but, in the virtual world of gambling, a random number generator deals the cards. But it did not go down well amongst the masses.

Once again, technology came to the rescue; online casinos cannot have real human dealers. Live streaming now allows online players to experience a real-time Las Vegas gambling scene without leaving the comfort of their home.

3.  Virtual and Augmented Reality in Casinos

Speaking of real gaming experience for online Blackjack players, virtual and augmented reality is another frontier rushed in by the evolution of technology. It is already a success in other gaming arenas, and now it is more likely to make its way into the online casino world. In fact, several casinos are already incorporating this technology into their online gaming experience.

It is the future of online gambling, as casinos will be able to provide a fully immersive experience to their customers. It is only a matter of time until online Blackjack players will see each other through this piece of tech.

4.  Evolving Gambling Habits

It is noticeable that the gambling habits of the players have evolved over the years and continues to do so. One of the biggest examples is the rise in social media gambling apps. People compete and participate online in social slots, amongst many other forms of gambling, such as Poker and Blackjack.

With the evolution of mobile devices, now millions of people worldwide own smartphones. This has pushed casinos to develop exclusive online games for mobile devices.

As 2020 continues, mobile gaming will continue to shape the online gambling as new titles from the classic genres join online casino games such an online blackjack, roulette, poker, and slots. It will also attract more investment in the virtual casino gaming industry.

5.  Improve Gaming Experience via Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In 2020, more casinos will adopt AI and machine learning tech to make their online gaming more accurate and error-free. It will allow casinos to offer better experience during their games.

The algorithms and statistical models of machine learning will enable casinos’ computers to execute specific tasks with improved efficiency. In short, in 2020, online casino gambling will be another industry that will use ML and AI as tools to enhance their online customers’ satisfaction.

Digital Transformation is the Way Forward

Whether it is online Blackjack, poker, or any other casino game, digital transformation is leading the gambling industry to reach its new potential in 2020. Thus, casino owners and online gamblers must know and learn to adapt to the five trends mentioned above to stay ahead. South Africa Online Casinos is one of the most reliable sites to help you stay updated about the latest development in the online casino industry.

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