Is Drop Shipping Dead? All You Need To Know

For a while, people have had the assumption that dropshipping is dead. The many blog posts posing the same has made many people believe that there is no hope for dropshipping anymore. This is true for the businesses that hadn’t invested well and done proper market research. However, the future looks bright for the industry.

Thus, believe independently and if you want to indulge in it, do it! There is still a big potential for it. Various myths are there posing a threat to drop shipping. If you genuinely want to start a dropshipping business you need to follow the right path and not fall victim to the various myths. If you take the right strategies, the chances of failing will be minimal.


Tips on how to succeed in dropshipping.

1. Have many suppliers

Dropshipping entails sourcing products from a third party and providing to your customer. Thus, do proper research to know what products are normally bought and the categories you should dwell on. Also, ensure you have a large base of suppliers. This will help you when one supplier is out of stock and your customer has already ordered. This will help prevent any delays in the supply chain.

2. Diversify your market

In your online store, you should have a large base area. Diversify the areas in which people can order from. However, you need to do proper research to know whether your suppliers normally send products to a specific area. Don’t limit your customers, however, ensure it is manageable. Do proper research to ensure you won’t reach the dead-end at any one time. 

3. Try a different business model

If you have been doing dropshipping for a couple of years. You must have mastered the art of buying and selling. You can expand your services by buying large bulks of stock and storing them. This will make it easy to supply ordered goods in your area. You will manage to supply to the customers timely and send the right product. However, for this, you will need a large investment to ensure it lasts longer. This will also cut on costs of shipping individual items to individuals in the same area if you already have an existing stock

4. Have a secure, powerful ecommerce store

Many unethical things occur on the internet. That’s why it is important to invest in a powerful platform that will allow you to easily make transactions and secure the amount you get paid. You should also ensure that your customer’s billing account details are also secure. Ensure your website has an SSL file that shows a user it is a secure site. If it doesn’t it will also illustrate being insecure and no one will be willing to buy from you.

5. Grow your social media channels

If you want to succeed in drop shipping, you need to ensure you have a good online presence. As many businesses are evolving, you need to invest in Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and all other media platforms. You need to invest in them properly to gain followers and convert them into potential customers. This will help increase your customer base and you can advertise your products widely. Nurture and establish your social media channels for your business. 

6. Provide content for the categories of your content

Investing in a blog is equally important. Invest in writing about the various products you offer in your ecommerce site. This will help convert your reader into a customer. There is power in product reviews and showing the importance of certain products. You can also engage in email marketing, once you get a good amount of readers or customers.

This will aid in increasing the customer flow and show people that you are credible. Also, ensure the content serves as a call to action and will help make the readers subscribe to the blog and you can send regular promotions to them. Through your social media channels, you can also promote your products and offers that will easily entice people. 



Dropshipping is not dead and will not be anytime soon. The current trends are proper assurance that it is here to stay. However, you need to follow the right steps and invest in the right strategies to ensure you succeed and make a profit rather than loss. Also, ensure you have a secure ecommerce website and a good payment channel that will help make your customers trust you. Your business will slowly boom.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.