How to cope financially if you are badly hurt or become disabled

Nobody likes to think of it. But, sadly, every week people are involved in serious accidents and are badly hurt. In some cases, they take a long time to recover. Some do not make a full recovery and end up being disabled. When that happens, day-to-day expenses tend to rise at the same time as your ability to work and earn a good wage diminishes. Unsurprisingly, this leaves people struggling financially. Fortunately, there are ways to ease this situation.

Make sure you apply for any benefits you are entitled to

Most people try to struggle on alone. Often, because they do not realize their options – see this SSD lawyer in Pittsburgh for more information on social security disability and how to handle the situation. It’s best to go forward knowing what you are entitled to.

Disability action groups and charities also provide information about what is available and how to go forward. In some cases, they will actively help with the claims process, if this is the path you choose. You may check Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Social Security Disability Claim to prevent future mistakes and guide you to a less frustrating process.

Draw up a new budget

It is important to sit down and draw up a new family budget. One that reflects your new financial circumstances. Understandably this is something that a lot of people avoid doing. This is mostly because taking this step makes it 100% clear just how challenging their financial situation is. Wanting to delay is understandable, but the longer you leave it before you do this, the worse debt you are likely to end up with. 

Before you sit down to draw up your new budget, it is worth reading this article. When you do you will learn about the extra expenses you may face, e.g. running a mobility scooter and how to take full account of those.

Consider retraining 

Initially, while you are healing and adapting, working may not be a viable option for you. There are only so many hours in the day, and you will want to put much of your energy into maximizing your recovery. 

However, in time, you are not likely to have to attend so many doctor and physiotherapy appointments. At that stage, you will be in a better position to return to the workplace. Hopefully, you will be able to take up a role that is similar to the one you had before you fell ill ore were injured. If you cannot do so, try not to worry. Instead, see it as an opportunity to start a new career. 

The list of jobs a disabled person can do is a long one. That includes many IT roles, which are surprisingly well paid. Use this list to learn about the positions many disabled people already fill. It is broken down by type of disability which makes it easy to narrow down some career options to look into.

I sincerely hope you will never be badly hurt or become disabled. But, if you do, the above will help you to start to get your life back on track financially and do so as soon as possible.

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